In today’s world, there is so much suffering, so much cruelty and violence, so much egoism, so much hatred, jealousy and anger, and all this is due to Man’s misbehaviour, to Man’s lack of knowledge, to Man’s miscomprehension of themselves, and that makes the world far from world peace.

Religions in your world have one message in common: love, love for your brothers and sisters on earth, but they have not been listened to. People’s inhumanity has prevailed.

My friend, it is legitimate to ask: How can humanity, with all its material resources, with its high technology, with the knowledge of your material world and the universe that you have acquired through your scientific methods and history, how can humanity, how can the people of the earth with such knowledge even today kill each other and behave in such a barbaric way? I can say that people have not comprehended life itself; you do not have the vital message within your hearts, and you do not know that there is a world beyond that is more real than even your own world. Your world is a replica of the world that you can meet in the world beyond, behind the veil, if you find the love you can give to the world, that you can share, that you can bring forth to every human being on the earth plane.

My friend, there is no death, and you meet yourself on the other side and see the traces you made out of your life.

This knowledge that we, that you, that we all survive the physical death, is of such vital importance to humanity because that is the key to finding world peace; that is how you can bring the message, the wisdom of God, forward that you are a spirit, that you have a spiritual being within your physical body and if that being that spirit was not present, your physical flesh would be non-existent, there would be no physical bodies on earth if the spirit was absent. You see, my friend, that is the knowledge that must come to the world to obtain world peace, this grain of truth that has been hidden from people’s minds for centuries, and it is now time to tell the world that there is life after your physical death, that you create the heaven within yourself when you are on earth. This heaven you will meet on the other side of the veil. Likewise, if you make misery on the earth plane, you will meet misery in your mind on the other side.
People of the earth need to change their behavioural patterns their attitudes in life. They have to understand that love, charity, unselfishness, friendliness, kindness, and altruism are the way of life.

They have to understand that the expediency they create for a while does not last forever, that the possessions of your world will vanish, that what they think is eternal in material terms is just a vibration, and is there for them to have comfort in life, to sustain their bodies, to find earthly happiness, but that is not true happiness because true happiness is of heaven. The peace that you can have from your Father is not of the material kind; it is of the spiritual kind. People will have to understand that the material world is here for them to raise themselves in love. It is the school of life to feel your world’s passions, distinguish between the good and the bad, and know right from wrong. That is the primary mission for you to stay on this earth plane, to find the truth of life.

Yes, of course, you are here to find happiness and peace within, you are here to heighten yourself spiritually, and the earth is a good school of life, but you do not need to create misery on your earth plane to acquire the knowledge of life. You can have peace and love between yourselves. You can raise yourself through the wisdom given to you through history. You are here to experience the earthly life with all its pleasures and joys because God created heaven, God created the earth, for you to learn, for you to create heaven on earth. Everything is evolution, and nothing comes by revolution, but now is the time to change, to see the truth of life; now is the time to know yourself, know your spirit within, that you are part of God, and that you can come into his consciousness of love when you find love for your brothers and sisters on earth.

Love is the answer to creating world peace, love towards your fellow beings, and love towards Mother Nature, because you are one whole, you are not separate from each other, you are one big human family with heaven that is there in Mother Nature for you to mirror in yourself because there are the beauties of life as revelations from your Father.

When the sun shines upon Mother Nature, it reveals to you the beauties of its love for you, the flowers that stretch their blooming towards the sun, the sun of God, open your eyes, and that is a message to you. Open your eyes to see the truth of life, find God within yourself, and find the love that he gave you, that he wanted you to bring forward in your world so you could be light, so you could be his hands on earth. You have a mission, you have such tremendous work ahead of you, and you are capable. You can find the solutions to make conflicts disappear from your earth plane, conflicts that are contributing to cruelty, violence and war. You see, my friend, equality is the way of life: share yourself, share the resources with the population of the world, know that you have brothers and sisters in every corner of your world that are of the same importance as you, that are of God, and you were all given the resources of the world to share with your sisters and brothers, with your family. There is one big human family. Do not forget this, my friend, do not forget that you are here to give of yourself, to find the love that your Father brought to you when you saw the daylight of your world.

On the Bridge of Love, you can have communion between the two worlds, the world of spirits and the material world, the world beyond and your world. God creates the Bridge of Love. God’s hands are erecting this bridge between your world and our world, and it is with his love you can have communion with us that have passed on to the world beyond. We are human as you are. We are here to show you the way because we have been in your place, we know your struggles, but we know that faith can move mountains. We know that God wanted you to create heaven on earth, we know because we are messengers of God, we see the wisdom of life, we know that we all survive the physical death, that we are eternal beings, and this message is crucial for the evolution of your planet.

We in our world see the despair of your world, the misuse of power, and the depletion that is made towards nature. Everything you do is governed by the law of cause and effect and with mathematical precision. You must care for your behaviour on earth; you must give nature, Mother Nature, your caring hands because if you exploit nature, you will create disasters for the next generations. Everything is correlated; you must understand that your morals, your ethics, will give your children the outcome of yourself, your actions, and your own behaviour in life. Be the hands of God, be his love for his and your big family, for the human family on this beautiful blue planet.

The truth of life is that there is no death and that you are all eternal beings, and with love in your hands and love from your Father, you can create world peace. Then you have the knowledge, know right from wrong, and find the truth of life.

God created you to be his hands on earth, bring his love forth, create love on your pathway, and bring heaven on earth.

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