What is Love?

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When you were born, you saw the daylight of your world. My friend, when you opened your eyes, you saw the creation of God. Because all you see with your physical eyes is made by love, is made by God. God is love. But then you may ask what is love, what is God? God is the supreme power of the universe. You can see his power with your physical eyes. You can see his power, his creation, in Mother Nature, you can see the beauties; the flowers, the trees, the ocean, the beautiful blue ocean, the green grass, you can watch the sky, the clouds sailing by, calmly or in a hurry. You have the seasons that make the variance in the picture before your eyes. You have days with different views, different thoughts, and all have been created for you to enjoy nature, to enjoy yourself, enjoy your mind; the Creator that you have within yourself, given to you in love by your Father in heaven.

God is love, the love that you can see with your physical eyes. And he does not differentiate. God is unconditional love. The sun reveals to you that he gives his blessing to every child on this earth, because the sun does not differentiate between any of his children. It shines upon you all. That is unconditional love, my friend, and that is the wisdom of God that you have in front of you, that you can watch with your physical eyes. That is love, that is God. God is in everything. God is in you, because you are a spirit, you are an eternal being, and you cannot die, because you are a spirit of God. You have been made by the same elements as the universe. This you have from your science, that you are of the same composition as the universe, even though it is difficult to understand when you look at your own body, your own physical self, that you are of the same as the sun, as the stars, as the planets that you can watch at night in the sky. The universal elements are of the same.

When people think about love in their daily lives, they think about the passion of love, the affection that you can have for other human beings. They term love as part of their lives, as interpersonal relationships, and that is true because it is of the same power. This unseen energy consists of thoughts that you send and receive between each other. When you create love in your mind and send this as a thought to a human being, that fellow being will feel this affection if that person is in tune with yourself. You see, it is like a radio signal. You need a receiver to tune into the signals, to the thoughts, but with this radio, you can tune into all kinds of thoughts, thoughts of love and thoughts of hate. You see, my friend, you are equipped with this receiver within yourself, and likewise, you are equipped with a transmitter of thoughts. This creates the communication between people on the earth plane. Give love towards your fellow beings by sending thoughts of love. My friend, this is what you do as well when you sit in prayer and ask for guidance. Send a thought to the spirit world, to your Father, your heaven, and ask for his guidance, and he will send you his thoughts that are pure love, that you can feel within yourself, when you sit in stillness, when you sit for his blessing.

Love is Kindness,
Love is Friendliness,
Love is Humbleness,
Love is Charity,
Love is Tolerance,
Love is Honesty,
Love is Unselfishness,
Love is to Care,
Love is to Protect,
Love is Service for humanity,
Love is to do the will of your Father in Heaven,
and his will is love, love for all, love for all of his children.

You can be his hands on the earth plane; you can be his humble hands that give love to your fellow beings. Share with each other, that is love. Raise each other spiritually. Give knowledge; give the wisdom of God to humanity. Bring the wisdom that there is no death, that you are eternal beings, that you are spirits of God, all of you. Every one of you is of the same importance, every one of you. When you come to the world beyond there is no differentiation. There is no king. There is no servant other than being a humble servant for the Almighty Father, for bringing his love to all. We are all one, because we are of the same origin, of the same Father, of the same Mother, of the same Creator.

What is love? My friend, love is all there is. Love is everything in life. Love is the power of the universe; love is God. When the newborn stretches its hands toward you and you take the newborn child in your hands, and carefully give it a hug and a kiss, you return the love that the newborn is giving to you, and you become one in the love that you created on the earth plane. It is a blessing given to you by God. It is the word in action, his word of love that made you as one. That love is unbreakable. Love is the mightiest force between human beings, between all there is in the universe.
Remember this, my friend, that God is love, and love is your treasure in life. The treasure that you can build within yourself, that you can give to your fellow beings, so you can build your heaven within, the heaven that you can bring along to the world beyond. That is the only treasure that you can have on this side of life that is yours for eternity. The treasure of love is blessed by your Father in heaven, because this treasure is of God, because God is love.

Listen to the little children that sing beautiful tunes of love, listen carefully. The children are pure in heart. When they give you their smiles and beautiful tunes of heaven, you have a taste of the love that you can meet within yourself when you have found the love from your Creator, your heavenly Father, heavenly Mother, from God.

Let the beauty of love that you received at birth, that you have nourished, be brought to the children on the earth plane, so you can take part in the mission to create heaven on earth, because this mission is blessed by your Father, and your work will be crowned when you look back and see what you made out of love for the world.

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