Use of animals in medical experiments

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A Spirit World Message from White Bear.

God’s nature is perfect. When you open your eyes and watch nature in all its beauty, everything is perfect, in balance, in harmony. Every atom has its place, brought to life by God’s will, brought to life by his love. When you watch a flower, it has a perfect shape, and everything is planned when it rises from the soil to greet the daylight. Every single atom in that flower knows its place. The structure of the flower is built by God’s hands, by his power of love.

A new world came to your sight through the microscope, and likewise through the telescope. Worlds that were unknown to you, that all of a sudden gave you a new understanding, a new comprehension of life, worlds that were unseen by your physical eyes but were still there, creations that are too small to comprehend or too vast to understand. All made in perfect harmony, all in order.

My friend, what does this tell you?
It gives you the comprehension of life itself that there is wisdom behind it, that it is carefully planned. So when you interact and deteriorate specimens of nature, when you genetically, with your technology through your microscope, make changes to this creation of love, you are on the wrong path in life. You contradict the laws of God.

Animals in medical experiments have had pain and suffering inflicted on them over such a long time, and it contradicts nature’s laws.

Using animals in medical experiments is wrong. There are alternatives to medical research. With biochemistry you have knowledge about cells and their structure in the human body. Use your applications, your abilities and technology on cellular exploration, not on animals.

Animals are of the spirit of God. What you do to animals, the suffering and pain you inflict on them through medical experiments, will be your own suffering when you come to my world, where you will have to atone for your inhuman behaviour towards God’s creations on earth. It is an infliction that you as a researcher have brought to your spirit. It is the law of the universe that is in operation; the law of cause and effect, and this law is of mathematical precision. You cannot hide from the discomfort you brought to animals on earth. That in turn will be your own discomfort in the spirit world.

My friend, when you have this knowledge step up to a new level, use your abilities in a humane manner, and bring this knowledge to your colleagues. Repair your faults on earth before you come to my world; reverse the use of animals in medical experiments where there is pain and suffering, where there is discomfort for God’s creations.

You are here on earth to bring love, love to every creature, to give your love, your care, your wisdom.
God’s wisdom is given to you in nature. Medical research is for the good of humanity, animals and nature itself. Use your abilities wisely. Employ humane procedures that are based on love, care and comfort for all.

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