The Holy Water

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A Spirit World Message by White Bear.

Religions in your world have used holy water, have used blessed water, blessed by the Almighty Spirit, from ancient times. The water has been sanctified, has been part of rituals as the sacrament of baptism. It has been given as a sign of purity and used for purification.

I can say this, my friend, that when the water is truly blessed in love, it will change in behaviour, in character, because your thoughts will influence the molecules, the elements, of the water. You know from science that water is made of hydrogen and oxygen, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, and when these three elements connect to each other they become water as ice, vapour or liquid. You are breathing in water from the air, from the atmosphere every day. It is part of your life. You are made up of 70 to 80% water yourself, your body. Imagine what influence, what impact, you can have on yourself with thoughts of love, when you know that thoughts influence the water elements in your body. The water molecules are alive, they are part of God’s wisdom, they are part of the creation, and it would be in-comprehensible to say that in the universe, which has an abundance of these elements of water in various forms, these elements should not have an impact on your life, and in your body.

Blessed water when given love is being transformed; it brings about a transformation, because thoughts are sub-stance. Thoughts that are pure and of love bring purity to your mind and to your body, to the water within yourself. Thoughts that are evil, thoughts that contradict the nature of yourself, the love that you were created by, do not beautify yourself, do not enhance your spiritual self, and do not create heaven within you. Evil thoughts create emptiness, and then the water will not purify itself, will not come into harmony, will not be in oneness with the love of your Father who is the infinite love of the universe.

Everything has been built by the elements of the universe. In prayer, you can direct your thoughts towards other human beings, towards all living beings and you can bring love, and then, my friend, that love turns into a purification of yourself, of the water that you consist of, of the spirit that you have within yourself, the spirit that can never die, your eternal self. Your spirit is of energy, the power of love from your Creator.

The physical self − your spirit makes your body, how you behave, how you bring thoughts to yourself, to your mind and towards others, because your mind, your thoughts are alive, as the water. It is substance, and then, my friend, you can imagine what kind of power that you have within, that you can bring to your physical self so your body and the water that you are made of, that you consist of, can be made holy, because you yourself are a sacred temple. You have a beauty within that you were given at birth by your Cre-ator, the love that you should bring to the world, so you could transform your world, the water of your world, the human beings of your world and Mother Nature, into the creation of love, that your Father brought to you at the very beginning.

When you bring love to the water in you and your world, you make it holy, because you yourself are holy, you are a spirit of God, and you can make a difference. You can bring the knowledge, the wisdom of God to your fellow beings; you can be a messenger of the truth of life.

On the Bridge of Love, we can meet in love, and have communion blessed by the Almighty Spirit. There is a flow of water under this bridge that is made holy by love. Your Father purifies it, and it is there for you to drink on this bridge. Drink the love from your Creator. The Bridge of Love is built by his hands, and his creation is blessed by the water, and made holy. It is blessed by love, his love for you all.

Love makes the water holy, because God is love. When you bring love, when you bless the water and give the water to a friend that needs the comfort, that needs the healing of the water, then you, my friend, can sanctify this water by prayer, by a prayer for the love that you yourself can give, that you receive from the world be-yond, from your Father in heaven. You can bring love to your fellow beings; you can heal when you bring love. Love is healing. Love purifies.

Let the holy water purify yourself, become love and you turn your thoughts and your mind into oneness with your Father, your Creator, with God. The water has the wis-dom of God. Reflect the wisdom of your Creator. Water has memory; water can transform itself by thought. Water can heal you when blessed with love.

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