A Spirit World Message from White Bear.

Of course, when you know the fact that there is no death, that we all survive the physical plane of life, then that gives you another dimension of choice.

Surrogacy certainly does have ethical and moral issues involved in the determination of whether it is acceptable or not acceptable to perform such an act. If love were the only dimension that gave you the pathway to such a decision, then I would advice you to proceed with such an act. Unfortunately, on the material plane, commercial issues and commercial interests direct life more than love does.

Being altruistic and voluntarily aiding a couple is certainly based on love. But distinguishing between commercial interests and altruism on the earth plane is not easy when you have the vulnerability of people in poor countries who are often led to make the decision, an involuntary decision, to perform such an act, and may give the impression that it is a voluntary action on behalf of a couple who would very much like to have a child of their own.

My friend, do you have love in your heart when you make such a decision?
Every child has the right to know their parents, their mother and father. That is a human right, because it gives the child the right perspective on their life. That is love that you give to that child.

There are so many children in your world who are abandoned and suffering, children who need a safe home, who need parents who can give them love and care. Adoption, adopting a child, who needs a home that is love that is love from your heart, and that is altruism. Many children in your world are suffering, are abandoned and do not have sufficient food for their lives, sufficient nutrition to sustain themselves.

My friend, let egoism and selfish desires be replaced by care, by love for your fellow beings. Share you wealth among the suffering people of your world, the suffering children. Then you are truly doing the will of the Almighty Spirit that gave you a home on earth so you could open the door for your family, and every child is part of your family.

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