Sperm and egg donations


A Spirit World Message from White Bear.

First of all, children conceived are blessed by God, children conceived are truly a blessing. Gods love is for everyone, for you all to learn in your lives here on earth, for you all to walk the steps towards the light of love within yourself. The light that will emerge when you enter Gods path, the path of love towards your fellow beings, towards your family on earth.

Sperm and egg donations certainly have ethical concerns. God made you man and woman to find the love that brings a new-born to this world. God equipped you for such a purpose to be many, to be his children, to create a family, to walk the school of life.

Some couples are meeting infertility, and are seeking opportunities through technological advancement for giving birth to a child artificially. In your society, in this life on earth, commercial interests are often giving such couples a solution for this obstacle in their life. Then, let me bring in some concerns. Young people may be influenced, may be given the impression that they as donators are giving this opportunity to people as a charitable act, but at the same time receive compensation. That turns human life into a commodity.

Then, I will remind you that as an egg donator, your health is at risk.
Donation of eggs requires medical intervention, and in adulthood, when you want to raise a family, you may encounter both physical and psychological problems/bi effects, and knowing that your egg, which you are responsible for, has grown up as a child, without knowledge of its condition. Anonymous donations are more the rule than not.

Remember that you cannot escape your parenthood, your responsibility as a parent. And the father, the sperm donator, inflicts upon himself the equivalent psychological distress as the mother, the eggdonator. He neither can escape from his responsibility as a father of the child who most likely does not know its biological parents. And even more distressful conditions are faced by the child when it grows up, searching for its ancestors, and its true mother and father.

My friends, there would be no conception if not permitted by God, but artificial conceptions are trials, trials for the foster parents, the biological parents and the child itself, and it is ordained by God, blessed by his love, but given to you as a trial.

Every child has the right to know its origin; its biological mother and father. That is a birthright. Having a child is not. There are so many children in this world who are abandoned, who are in need of care and love. Adopting a child is true altruism. That is charity. That is love for everyone.

The key in ethical issues is love. When you use this word, that created yourself, in your decisions for wanting a child, raising a child, you select your method with love. In love there is justice, in love there is respect, in love there is altruism, and in love there is charity and care.

My friends, I bring you new knowledge, I bring you knowledge about eternal life. We who come to you, we come to you with love, we come to you with wisdom that will give you a good life, both on your side and my side of life. We want all the best for you. You are our family. We care for you, and we love you.

Reflect on life, the life you have on earth and the life that you will one day meet on my side of life. Your life is like a tree, and we are your roots. Care for this tree because you will one day be one of the roots, and what you bring to us by your nourishment of the tree becomes your reflection on this side of life.

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