Refugee Emergency


A Spirit World Message from White Bear.

A family has lost its property. That family lives in the war zone where there is no school, no work for the mother and father, where the children have lost their relatives in battle defending themselves, defending this family. There is no income, no food on the table. This family strives in this disaster. What they once loved has been destroyed. The children are not playing anymore. They go to bed hungry. Tears are running down their cheeks, tears of sorrow, tears of frustration. In that family, there is no hope. Living in a war zone has become a nightmare. This is a reality for the refugees, for many who are in need, who have lost everything, who are just striving to keep alive, to carry their children to a better place.
My friend, imagine yourself in such place, you who make decisions for the refugees.

They are all part of God’s family, your family on earth, they are truly your brothers and sisters. When you evaluate their conditions, remind yourself that this could be you, striving in such a place with your family.

We give a new dimension to you. I speak from the world beyond. I once lived upon earth. I died, left my physical flesh, but my true self is alive. There is no death.

No one is more important than anyone else. Something you will learn, something becoming a reality in the spirit world, no red carpets, no positions.

Provide a shelter for the refugees, a shelter from war and crime, create peace among nations, among neighbours, find political solutions where selfish ends are put behind. The UN convention is there for you all to comply with, the UN convention on refugees, for such an emergency as you have today. Provide livelihoods for the refugees. Help wherever you can to rebuild the country, to provide ground for work and education, so this family who lived in the war zone can return to their home in peace. Then you are bringing God’s love into your mind, into your efforts.

Some souls speculate in others’ misfortune. Then it becomes a trafficking problem. A challenge for you to solve for the refugees. Let there be no opportunities for such misery. Where there is love, there is harmony, there is shelter, and there is a livelihood.

Meet this challenge, this refugee crisis, with open arms, with God’s love in your heart. Be just, create the conditions for fairness. It is your family. Remind yourself how you would treat your family, your children, your brothers and sisters. They are your fellow beings, your neighbours.