20. Life


Human nature,
Animal life,
Your life,
Mother Earth,
Man and woman,
Evolution of life.

The evolution, the continuation,
Brought alive by male and female,
The attraction,
The love,
Giving birth to life,
A creation,
A new life.

The material life,
Given by Earth
For the life, by the Creator, the wisdom, life itself.

Spirit is life.
God’s wisdom gave your planet Earth life,
The word, the loving thought.

Life, an eternal life,
A nature that gives you the elements of life
To sustain, to grow, to find nutrition,
In an everlasting cycle of love,
An everlasting spirit,
An everlasting life,
An everlasting universe,
An everlasting love.

God is life, your life,
Given to you to find your own path,
A life in evolution,
A life of new dimensions,
A life that never ends.

Death: an illusion.
Life: a reality,
A reality to you in this material life,
A reality to us in the world beyond,
Beyond your own world, the material world.

A wonderful transition when you have love in your heart,
A transition to a new world, the spirit world,
Another Nature,
Another dimension,
Another life.
A new world,
A new heaven,
A heaven created by your self, by your love, by your unselfish nature
That you brought alive on the earth plane.

A new world,
A new life,
More life,
More beauties, brought to you alive in nature,
In the world beyond,
A heavenly place for a new life, where love prevails.

A life built with love, or
A life filled with jealousy, hatred and selfishness
Becomes your destiny,
Reveals itself in the world beyond.
No secrets, only truthfulness,
Brought alive by your own thoughts.

Create heaven on Earth by your love,
The heaven that you will meet on this side of life, your life.
Make your life beautiful on Earth.
Give, share, love,
That makes it beautiful,
That makes your life beautiful, in your world and in my world,
It is your life.

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