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A Spirit World Message from White Bear.

Why does this issue of freedom of speech bring so many controversies in your world?
Why do some people hide their opinions?
Why are some people careful when speaking their views about different subjects in life?

Why is that, my friend?

You were born here on earth with free will. God gave you life to learn, to find your true self. Do you use your free will when you hide or are careful about your free will?

My friend, there is one obstacle in life, an obstacle that prevents you from expressing your real self. That is fear. Fear for other people, other souls that have different opinions, opinions that some souls express in violence, even in heinous, appalling scenarios where people are being slaughtered, killed in front of your eyes.

Freedom of speech is the liberation of the soul. God gave you free will, for your liberty on earth. God gave you free will in love for your brothers and sisters, your fellow beings on earth. God gave you free will to find your real self, your liberation.

The prophets from ancient times were liberated souls that did not fear, that did not fear life, because they had love in their hearts, God’s love. In love, there is no fear.

God is love. The sun shines upon all, the righteous and the non-righteous. You that have fear in your heart, ask your God why he does not differentiate between his children on earth. My friend, this is because God is unconditional love. You be the same.

Freedom of speech, the liberation of the soul, is of God and is brought to you by your free will. Democracy is the path to liberation.

Every religion has love as its fundament because God is love, and love is the religion. All the prophets who had found the truth in life taught their fellow beings that dogmas that are not of love are not the truth. Then you know right from wrong when you read the ancient texts.

Behave in a humane manner. Behave with love in your heart towards your fellow beings. You are all of the same family, all children of the same Creator. We are one.

Let freedom of speech be love in action. That is your liberation of your true real self.

White Bear
Native American Leader

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