A Spirit World Message by White Bear.

When you were born, you were given your life here on earth. God gave you the opportunity to attend the school of life, because that is your earthly life. It is certainly a school, a wonderful school where you will experience all the passions, where your spirit will be tried to learn right from wrong, and you will meet a stony road where you will have to struggle either physically or mentally.

You were given this opportunity for your spirit to raise itself towards the light of love that brought you to this plane of life. You are here to live your life in full. You were created by God’s hands with a physical body. The seed of love is within you. God’s love for you. Your spirit drives your physical self. Your spirit is a child of God. That is you, my friend.

God determines when your life on earth is accomplished. Euthanasia is man-made. God gave you life to live, not to cut short. When your life on earth has been accomplished, God terminates your life, because God is love, and he knows when the time has come, when you have fulfilled your task.

You were given medicine, medical treatment to relieve suffering. That is God-given. Palliative care and treatment for terminal illnesses are there for you to end your life in a dignified manner. Palliative treatment will relieve your suffering and pain. In this world, the world beyond, souls who have committed suicide did not fulfil themselves in the eyes of the Almighty Spirit, and they have to attend to their lessons again.

Euthanasia by physicians is homicide. When you have medical treatment to alleviate pain and suffering, there is no excuse.
Souls who come to this side of life, whether they have committed suicide or asked for euthanasia, suffer due to their wrong decisions. Because it is not God’s will that you cut short lives. You are here to experience and to give of yourself. On this side of life, you will be met with love and understanding, but I am saying this to you who have such thoughts in your mind, it is wrong to take one’s life, no matter what.

Before you came to earth, you had planned your journey; you had planned your mission, your tasks to do, to perform, to raise yourself spiritually. And I can assure you that euthanasia was not part of your plan. You know now the truth from this side of life, and what you can expect. When you have this knowledge that there is no death, that your life was given to you in love, you also know that God has a plan for you. Search within yourself, and you will find the answer that God will come to you the day you have fulfilled your life and release you from your physical flesh.
God bless you, my friend.