Alteration of the germline


A Spirit World Message from White Bear.

The human body is a complex creation as you have experienced in medical science, a complex instrument for your life here on earth, a body consisting of organisms, of genes and DNA as you have termed them and the structure, the traits and the vehicles that transport the information within this environment. It is the somatic part of you as opposed to your spiritual self, the spirit within that drives your physical flesh.

It is unknown to your medical science of today, this fact about the vital part of you, the spirit of God that brought you to this life, that gave you birth, the energy of yourself.

My friend, you know that your thoughts have an impact on your body, on your physical flesh and the microorganisms that you consist of. Your genome, containing your DNA and genes, was given to you by your parents, a heritage from your ancestors. God’s structure and building blocks created you to experience life on earth, for you to learn, for you to search, for you to find the wisdom of yourself.

When you manipulate, when you modify and alter the structure that was given to you by the Almighty Sprit that has the wisdom you can perceive from nature, where everything is in harmony and balance, where everything is in order, you are travelling the route where you place other lives in danger, the lives of hereditary successors, your next generations. You are at risk when you alter the building blocks of God’s creation. That is impermissible.

Scientists who have such thoughts, who opt to alter the germ line, know that when you come to my side of life you will see the traces of yourself, and the detrimental inflictions that you caused on your successors, your descendants. Such inflictions will make you suffer, your spirit within you. That cannot be reversed.

My friend, from this side of life we see the detrimental effects when you pursue such a route of altering God’s creation. God made you perfect. What you experience in your earthly life is caused by your misdeeds or misdeeds from your ancestors. Because your acts in your earthly life have an effect upon your somatic structure, your body. The vital part of you, your spirit that survives the physical flesh, which enters a new world at the time of death, your earthly death, has an effect upon your physical self.

Study the life of the spirit. Investigate life after death, and we on this side of life will collaborate with you on what the main issues are for enhancing humanity to the spiritual level of life. That is why you are here on earth; to find this key to open up your spiritual self. When you have found this treasure within, the seed of love that gave you life, then, my friend, you are at the core of your research, your medical research.

Mutations, altering the germ line, this is not the will of God, the will of love, as you now can understand when you listen to the spirits that once lived upon earth and know the truth of life.

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