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A Spirit World Message by White Bear.

God gave you life on earth to evolve. God gave you physical flesh, the physical body. You entered this life, this material life where you all meet the passions that give you the wisdom of your Creator, where you can learn right from wrong.

Did not your Creator make everything in perfect shape and order in nature?
Is not your planet earth at a perfect distance from the sun, your star?
Did not your Creator provide you with a moon that keeps your planet earth in balance?

God creates harmonious conditions and a balanced life for you to gain knowledge on earth, for everyone to evolve as they walk through this school of life.

With your present knowledge, you consider abortion part of women’s rights to choose for themselves, to arrange their paths in life. When you know that God created everything else in balance and harmony in this universe, why should he not make the same balance for your earthly life? Abortion contradicts God’s laws. Abortion is against God’s principles of life, against his creation of love.

My friend, we bring you new knowledge, knowledge about eternal life, knowledge about yourself that you are a spirit of God, as is every child on this earth plane, the unborn and yourself.
What is conceived is of God. At conception in the womb of the mother, a spirit from my world enters the embryo. That is God’s will. That is love for that individual to evolve in the womb of the mother. There is a fluid link between the spirit and the embryo until the child greets the daylight, and the spirit unites fully with the child. A new human being has entered your world.

You have no right to cut short a life during gestation. A new life permitted by God to learn on earth. Every one of you comes to earth to learn. The providence of God is brought to life here on earth.
You may ask yourself: What about violence, abuse and rape? 
Where life is conceived, that is God’s will. That is God’s creation. You have your free will on earth. God gave you free will. Use your free will with love in your heart. Then that is your fundament for your decision. The mother who carries a new life and endangers her life while pregnant is better to keep her life, because her evolvement on earth has not yet been fulfilled.

When the child does not see the daylight of your world, does not achieve the lessons of the life on earth it was assigned, the spirit will withdraw to my world and find a path with a new child that is to be born on earth.

Abortion is a trial. You have contraceptives in your world, brought to life through science given to you by your Creator. Use them wisely. Plan your life. I would go as far as to claim that abortion is a crime, a crime against you and the unborn child.

This new knowledge that we give you about reincarnation, new opportunities to learn to raise yourself spiritually, to walk your feet on earth many times to acquire knowledge, is God given.
My Friend, I appeal to you based on logic and reasoning. Evaluate your conditions. Imagine yourself on both sides of life, on earth and in the spirit world, and the thoughts that you raise within yourself. You have your free will; use it wisely for your spiritual development.

Altruism in your world is certainly forgotten. Watch nature, learn from the animals. Sacrifice is a grace, is the light of love. Heaven within yourself is built by love for your fellow beings, whether they are in your world or my world. Let love be your guiding principle in life. Become love yourself, and you become one with God. That is where you will find yourself when you have attained the highest: oneness with your Creator.

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