9. The Séance on Mount Hermon


In that particular time, when Christ and three of his friends, Peter, John and James went up to the mountain on Hermon, it was a quiet night; it was dark and a nice temperature. The moon and the clouds gave partial light to show the way. When they arrived at a familiar place where Christ had been before in his prayers, the clouds shadowed the moon and darkness prevailed. As they were sitting together, with Christ in his prayer and his faith, dematerialised, Peter, John and James were able to see his spiritual being in his glory, in his white shining glory. My friend, this white shining glory is what we call the living force, also termed Ectoplasm. This whitish fluid is a psychic phenomenon because when you have reached the highest spirituality, as Christ did, you are able to dematerialise and rematerialise. When Christ was sitting there, he dematerialised, with the Ectoplasm covering his spiritual being, and gave by that the opportunity for Moses and Elijah to come forward in their materialised beings.

Now, Peter, John and James themselves had entered into some form of sleep that we call deep Trance, and were vaguely conscious of the happening. You see, my friend, they were all mediums, and they were part of the séance on the mountain. As we know from your scriptures, they vaguely heard what Christ communicated with Moses and Elijah, became partly awake and saw them in materialised form.

At that time it felt cold, and Peter said he could build three huts to shield them. That was not unusual at that time. They knew how to shield themselves from being taken by the weather. But in Peter´s dizziness, he was probably not aware of the fact that when Christ dematerialised, and Moses and Elijah materialised, the phenomena created a cold breeze due to the Ectoplasm.

Christ was in communion with spirits from the other side, from the spirit world, and he wanted to show his friends that even though he had mentioned to them that he would die and be resurrected, he would still be alive, he would be as Moses and Elijah, and he would come to them in materialised form. He showed them so they could know. He knew clairvoyantly and clairaudiently, because he was told by the spirit world what was about to happen.

Christ knew that the pathway towards the cross was undeniable, because of his teachings, and because he was an opponent to the power of men in higher positions. Christ himself was in need of comfort. He knew that he could not deny himself in the eyes of the Almighty. He had to tell the truth, he had to teach about the vital things in life. My friend, when Moses and Elijah dematerialised and Christ materialised back to normal form, John, Peter and James heard their master speak with the discarnate beings and they were baffled and amazed by this episode, that Christ told them not to tell anyone before he came back after he had left his physical body.

The séance on the Mount Hermon is but one of many séances that have taken place from ancient times and are taking place today, and people of the earth believe that this is a miracle, but it is nature´s law. When you have reached higher spirituality, when you have love within yourself, when you have trust and faith in God, and when you are one with your Father in heaven, then you yourself will know the truth about life.

Communion with the dead is a communion between human beings who are alive we are more alive and more real than you have ever been on the physical plane. We are human beings on the other side of the veil. Christ was in communion with the spirit world. He was in communion with God, and so can you be.

When you enter into communion with love as Christ did, then the door will be open, then we will meet on the Bridge of Love, and we can for a while be together in pure love in the hands of the Almighty, of the Creator, of the Great White Spirit, of God, in unconditional love.

Christ knew the way; he said that “my Father and I are one”, and that “you shall do the works that I do and greater works than I.” Christ encouraged us to be in communion with God, and we are of God, we are part of God, all of us, so we all can be part of his love, his love for humanity, his love for his children on earth and in the spirit world, because we are all children of God, all of us.

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