9. Stillness

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When you enter into prayer, you focus your mind, your thoughts, towards the Almighty spirit, towards your Father in heaven. Then, for a while, you can leave the troubles of your world, you can leave a troubled mind, because then you enter into a consciousness that has supreme calmness, that has supreme peace. When you look upon the heaven at night you see endless stars. With your physical eyes you have a limited view, but beyond the stars there is an endless universe with tremendous power and billions upon billions of galaxies. New stars are born and old stars die, and within this creation there are explosions with energies and physical objects colliding. Stars and planets merge, but you with your physical eyes can look upon heaven with peace of mind, because up there it is to you peace, it is a beautiful view, it is a wonderful heaven that you are given by your Creator, because everything in the universe is in its place. There is not a single atom that is not under God´s hand, but God has given humankind free will and he does not interfere within his creation, and that is so because you are there to raise yourself, to find ways of peace on earth and within yourself.

When you fold your hands and enter into stillness, when you ask for guidance, when you look upon the sky, the heaven, the universe, God is there, God is everywhere, and God is within you. There is an energy that is omnipresent, it is in Mother Nature, it is in all living beings, it is the power that runs all, and this power is the mightiest force of the universe and that is love. God is love. God is unconditional love, and when you send your thoughts to your Father in heaven, he will listen, he will send you love when you ask for his wisdom, for his guidance.

Stillness within your mind can be achieved when you are truthful to yourself, when you have love for others, when you on your pathway raise yourself in the knowledge that you are a spirit, that you are an eternal being, that you are part of God with your love. You can be his hand here on earth, the loving hand that will give rest, comfort and help to many.

When you make yourself unselfish and let others come first, when you put yourself behind, when you see that the mission in life is to give love and help others, then, my friend, you will find peace of heart, peace of mind. Then you can enter into stillness with such tranquillity that you become one with your Father, and when you and your Father are one, you have all the beauty within yourself, you have created the heaven within that you were given as a seed at birth to nurture, to build up in your life, in the school of life when on earth. You see, nothing in the universe is sheer coincidence and nothing comes on its own. There is a force behind all, and that is God, the Creator.

Entering into stillness must be done in love, with faith and love for God, because when you enter into stillness you enter into the consciousness of the Almighty and that is love. That is your meditation. That is your prayer, which is to seek and find the treasure that you receive when you live a life of charity. Then you will blossom, you will flourish in heart, and you will be beautiful. Yes, you will be Godlike, because you can give love, you can judge, you can create love and peace, you can help others, you can give charity, you can be part of the universal consciousness of love. You can master yourself and your own tranquillity, your own peace of mind. Your were given this ability by your Father, and when you seek your Father in prayer, in stillness, then you can, with love in heart, meet your Father and be in union with him.

To be in union with God, is the most wonderful peace that you can obtain, to be one with your Father. That is the supreme peace of mind. And it is there for you. Your Father wants you to come to him, to be part of him, to be part of his love and to be part of his peace.

Christ obtained peace of mind. Christ was one with his Father. Christ and God were one and so can you be, my friend. Paint yourself in love inside out. Be a light for others in love, and you are one with your Father, because your Father is truly love.

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