9. Spiritual awareness and development

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Spiritual awareness is your pathway to the Almighty. With love you can develop this in a proper way on earth, but there are many obstacles in material terms. Well my friend, I tell you this, you have the power within to overcome all the obstacles, all the hindrances of the earth. You can break the barrier, which is selfishness, which is the physical and material aspect of life. When you sit in stillness, let your thoughts of goodness flow towards others, and then you will attract spirits from this side that will enhance and build up your good thoughts. Like attracts alike, so when you have good thoughts in your mind, love for your fellow beings, then you will attract your fellow beings from this side that enjoy the work for God, the work for love.

There is so much to do in your world. Be a light for others to follow, increase your spiritual awareness, know that God is there for you, but you will need a determined mind. Use your free will for the betterness of your surroundings. Find your place, find something you can strive for that is good, good for other beings, good for yourself, because doing good for others you do good to yourself. That’s the law of cause and effect, the universal law. When you reach for the highest in you, the pathway will be opened for you. You will see the light, which is something to reach for because then love and peace will come to you.

Sit in stillness, seek for the highest and peace will overwhelm you. We will help you on your pathway to spiritual knowledge, but you need to be patient my friend, you will have to work for this, you will have to work with yourself. Concentrate your mind on God, and he will send his angels.

Would you give your child everything from the start? Would your child learn the lessons of the world if you kept your child away from all troubles? Of course not, then you would do a big mistake, and God does not make mistakes. He will follow you on your spiritual pathway, but you will meet hindrances and troubles that are there for you to conquer, like the child that needs to conquer the troubles of their route in life. When you look back at your childhood, you praise your parents for their understanding. Your parents are there to help you to find love in life, to conquer the troubles of your world. When they don’t do this, then they have failed their mission, then they will strive themselves. God is there for you, for the children and for the parents, and all of you have to follow the learning of the world, the school of life.

There is a turning point for everyone. Whatever mistake you have done, reach for the highest, and God as the good parent will know what´s the best pathway for you. So the key my friend, is to seek God. If you do not learn the lessons of the earth, you are not forgotten by the Almighty, there are options for all of us, all the way, and if you don’t learn the lesson prepared for you, well obviously you have to do it over again until you learn, that’s why in God’s justice, reincarnation is provided because God is just and fair, and he loves his children. God is unconditional love.

Find your spiritual pathway, forget selfishness, help others, and bring love and peace to this world. Where you are right now, at this very moment, you have the option. Seek for the highest inside you, sit in stillness, and the door will open for you. When you see the flickering, the little light in front of you, then you can be sure that there is a helping hand close by, a hand that will help you to nurture your spiritual being and to bring you awareness of your pathway.

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