9. In Progress


The lack of knowledge about the truth of life impedes the progress of your world. People of your world do not know themselves; people do not know that there is an eternal life for every child that walks upon this earth plane.

When people become aware and achieve this wisdom of life, when the true knowledge of life descends upon you and your earth, then my friend, you world will progress, then your world will find itself, then every human being will know the truth of life that there is no death, that you are on this physical plane to learn, to develop, to evolve your spiritual self, that your physical flesh is merely a vehicle for the material plane, for achieving progress for yourself and your world.

Privation on the material plane is due to selfishness, is due to inequality. Equality in your world is the answer to the knowledge that you must bring forward, that your world is waiting for, and you, my friend, can show your pathway in life where you have achieved that understanding, where you now show people that there is another life after your physical earth plane, after your life here on the material plane.

People of the earth will say that we are in progress. Just look at the technology that you have achieved the last hundred years, look at the advancement, the growth in wealth, the growth in equality among people in many places in your world. But still, I tell you my friend, that there is so much to be done, there is so much suffering, there is so much despair in your world, children are going hungry to bed, children are abused, people of the earth are still at war, in violent conflicts, there is not peace on your earth plane. Due to selfishness and misuse of power you are still making major obstacles for yourself.

The exploitation of Mother Nature that causes climate problems will end with catastrophes if you do not change your attitude, change your attitude of mind, change and know and find the truth of life. You are all responsible for your behaviour on the earth plane. You are responsible for Mother Nature, and for yourself, and for all the children on the earth plane. You might say: Well, we are in progress; there is an evolvement in the world in the direction of democracy. We have a security council, the United Nations, that watches the world and targets countries that are undeveloped, that misuse their power, that suppress their people, that are at war with their people due to their leadership, due to their misuse of power, but still there are conflicts and peace on earth is far from being achieved.

Democracy is the pathway for all countries, for the world, democracy is the way of life where people have the same equality to decide what pathway they want their life to follow, how the society should behave, how to share the resources among its people. It is a human right to have democracy, it is a human right to have a dignified life, it is a human right to have security and protection in life. In a democracy you will have human rights. In a democracy you will find the true leader of your people that has a true interest in your welfare, because true leadership is a true interest in the welfare of its people whether that is governing a country, a company or a family.

Everything in your world must be based on love, unselfishness, honesty, responsibility for each and every one, for taking care of all the children on earth and Mother Nature.

Do not let your technology suppress your dignity. Do not look upon technology as to what extent you can apply technology. It is not necessarily the right pathway in life, because your advancement is not the same as advancement in progress for humanity and your world. You must be aware of the consequences of your advancement in technology. You have to show fairness with Mother Nature, you will have to see the full picture, the perspective of your world, the consequences of your applications within your technology, to make sure that your technology advances your planet, raises your welfare, finds its equilibrium, its balance, so your planet can be a beautiful planet for the next generations.

Turn yourself around and look upon the traces that you make for yourself and in Mother Nature. Are these the traces that you, when you leave the physical plane, would be proud of when you look upon them from the world beyond? Because, my friend, you will have eyes that penetrate the material plane if you so wish when you come to this side of life, you will look upon yourself and ask yourself, did I do the right things when I was on earth, did I master my school on the earth plane, did I raise myself spiritually, did I give of myself, did I give the love to the earth plane that I myself received from my Father in heaven? You will be your own judge on the other side of the veil. God does not judge you, you judge yourself, and you, with your conscious mind, when you see what you made out of life on the earth plane, you will bring this to your own mind for evaluation, for judgment, and you, I can say my friend, will be a hard judge.

You are here on the earth plane to promote love, to share the resources, to find a peaceful place for everyone. You are here on earth to make your planet progress, to make yourself evolve, to make yourself progress towards the oneness with your Father, towards his love, towards the love that you are made of. When you make yourself unselfish, when people know the truth of life, then equality will be natural to you, because you will see that with equality you will raise your world from suffering and despair, and selfishness will be a word of dishonour. In heaven we have equality, we share with each other, we help each other, we give each other love, we are humble servants of the Almighty Father. We are here to tell you how to achieve heaven on earth that is there for you as an objective in life. You will see that equality will bring prosperity for all, equality and freedom of life will improve humanity. The politicians of your world, the leaders of your world, have a major truth to find. It is more important than the technology of your world. It is to reveal that there is a life beyond that you all, when you leave your physical body behind, will live on. That will change you when you find this truth within yourself, when you, on the Bridge of Love, can meet us in communion on a bridge built by the hands of love, the hands of God. Because there can be no communion without the blessing of our Father in heaven. Meet us on the Bridge of Love so we can reveal the truth of life to you so you and your planet can prosper, so you can raise yourself above the suffering of your world, so you can find the balance of love in your world, the justice, the love, so all the people of your world can free themselves from privation in life, can be happy as your Father had in his mind when he made you and all there is.

Your world is in progress. There is an evolution for your world nothing comes by revolution but you, my friend, can show one path in life, and when many in your world become aware of the truth, the truth of being, and all these pathways cross each other, then you enlighten your earth plane.

Meet us on the Bridge of Love and we will give you the wisdom that you do not have on the earth plane yet. We can give you the wisdom of the spirit of God. We can show you that life goes on, and that will make a giant step in progress for your world.

Then you can truly say that your planet is in progress. Let us reveal the truth to you. Let us bring the love to your world. Let us bring the wisdom of God to your world, the truth of life itself.

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