9. Gain Knowledge


People of the earth do not know themselves. People of the earth have gained knowledge of the material world; the earth plane and the universe. They have gained knowledge of the stars and the planets, all that they can observe through their telescope, and that they can see at the opposite end with their microscope. People of the earth have gained knowledge through technology, through the wisdom of the material world, and you have progressed in the last hundred years with a tremendous speed, as you have from your written history, the books of knowledge that you have acquired in school as part of your education. The automobile, the aeroplane, high technology factories, are of such technological discoveries, but people have also realised that they need to go further beyond the mechanical aspect of living to find the secret of life. You can say that there has been a revolution, and that is, of course, correct because your earth has existed for billions of years, but everything is evolution, and it has to come when the time is there, when the time is correct, when people are ready to achieve that knowledge, to have a new aspect of living that is given to them, but, my friend, people of the earth have still not gained the true knowledge of themselves. They cling to their beliefs in religions and that is history written from ancient times, and religions with all their dogmas are there as a challenge, as with technology. It has to develop itself; it has to see new aspects of life. You have to understand that the knowledge that you had a long time ago, you have to reevaluate, as with technology, to enhance your understanding, to search further, and when you want to find your true self, your origin, before your birth, you have to reach for the higher values in life, and you can find this knowledge.

On the Bridge of Love you can do the research for acquiring this new knowledge, where you can ask for guidance, where you, in partnership with the world beyond, can raise yourself towards a new understanding, towards a knowledge that has been there from ancient times but that has been misinterpreted, misunderstood and miscomprehended.

As you have from your scriptures, Christ knew the way, he was “the truth and the life”. And in that he meant that he had the knowledge; he had the knowledge of the world beyond, that you are a spiritual being, that you are a spirit of God that can never die, that has existed for an eternity because you are part of the Almighty Spirit, and that you are here on earth to evolve your own being, your own spiritual self.

On the Bridge of Love, Christ was in communion with the world beyond, so he knew, he was in communion with the people that you know of as Abraham and Elijah, and he said that “before Abraham, I was”, and that must give you a clue, that must give you an understanding, that you are more than what you can see with your physical self. He knew because he was in communion with the world beyond, and so were the prophets from ancient times. Because how could they know if they did not have the knowledge from their discarnate friends and ancestors, that could tell them how things where, why you are on the earth plane and what the meaning of life is?

On the earth plane, in the material world, you see the revelations from God, you see the flowers, you see the stars in the sky, you see the sun that reveals itself and you know that the sun reveals itself through all the creations of the earth, because without the sun there would be no life. You know all this, but you cannot understand how a flower can develop from a small seed. You cannot understand and comprehend how your physical self can come from an unseen structure of atoms. This structure has a code. It has a code that is given by the Almighty Spirit, the power of the universe, the Creator that has made all, and also you, my friend. People of science tell you that the Bridge of Love, that communion with the other world, the world beyond, is occult because that has been taught to them by religion. When you raise yourself in knowledge, you will do with the knowledge of religion as you do with your knowledge of technology. You will strive to extend your knowledge further, extend your research further into the field of social science and into the field of quantum physics where you will discover that life on earth is influenced by yourself, that substance itself is influenced by your thoughts.

Meet us on the Bridge of Love and you will gain knowledge; knowledge about your true self, about the meaning of life, about the true world, the dimension of the earth plane that you are living your life on at this very moment. We can tell you because we have been there, we have further knowledge, we know more than you. And we can tell you how it is on the other side of the veil. We have the knowledge. All the past scientists are on this side of life, and they are still evolving and are helping you, influencing your thoughts to enhance your technology. We are part of you, as you are part of us. We are in oneness, because we are of the same Almighty Spirit. It is difficult to realise this before you have climbed the ladder of spirituality. You have to seek within spirituality as you do with technology. You have to seek understanding and you have to humble yourself, because it is in humbleness and love that you will find the answers to life itself.

In your world, vanity and selfishness more than often drive the material aspect of life, but when you want to be in communion to acquire knowledge of the world beyond, then you must come in love. You must leave vanity and selfishness behind, because the atmosphere that you need to create on the Bridge of Love, as the name itself implies, must be of love. The hands of the Almighty Father build the communion on this bridge, and in love you will find the answers to life, answers to your self, your true self. That is a wonderful opportunity, my friend. That should be the next era of your research, to find the true answers of life itself.

Some will say that everything is evolution, that life is substance, that everything is made of the earthly elements that you have in your periodic system. But they don’t have the answer to life itself, because they don’t have the eyes that we have on this side of life, that can penetrate the material world, that can see beyond. We have the eyes to see different dimensions in life, to see further than your physical eyes. And we are more than willing to give you this knowledge on the Bridge of Love, because we are all children of God, and we are here to help you, to raise your world, so you can have peace of mind, so we can release your world from suffering, so you will know that you must share your resources, that you must help each other, and lift each other up towards happiness, towards God, because he is your Father, he is your Creator, he made you.

Let your beliefs come into reality, make your beliefs reality so you can gain knowledge that you do not have today, so people of the earth can know that there is no death, that we are all eternal beings, that we are all of the same Spirit and that we have to help each other so we can raise our consciousness in love towards the Creator, towards the love that he brought to your world, that he is, because God is love.

Gain knowledge of the spiritual world; gain knowledge of your true self. Knowledge dispels fear, and love will open the door to God’s wisdom.

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