9. Family


Family should be the dearest you have in life. It should be like a diamond with many facets, that you could learn from and enjoy the beauty of. The family may be one you created yourself, one you are part of or one that you have created in partnership with others. Anyhow, family should be a symbol of love between the family members.

You are part of God’s family within the consciousness of the universe. There are multiple upon multiple families joining and making the whole as one. The family is there to support you in difficult times and to be happy with you in joyful times. When working together in social relationships, the individuals will work on the diamond that you have created together, because all of us want to have a unity where we can find peace and love, and that is what family should be. Some are not that fortunate to have a loving family. They themselves will have to create and shape their own family and find their pathway to love and peace.

You are on earth to learn in the school of life, and by being together in a family where you have grown up with your father and mother or family of friends, where you have depicted the ones that you share your love and heart with, either way, they are part of your school in life. The many facets of the diamond will have to be polished to make perfect. Then you will see the beauty and the colours within that you have created.

In your consciousness, in your mind, the light that shines from the diamond is caused by your work, the work that has joined you together, the struggles that you have overcome. This diamond is yours, and it is the beauty that you have within you, the beauty that you have created in love and respect for each other. The diamond is a symbol of the bounds that you have within which will last for ever.

God created woman and man in his picture so they could form a family, to have children and be many on earth. He created the friendship that should be between people, but he gave humankind free will, so whatever pathway you follow is your decision. The concept of family and friendship has been there from time immemorial.

Family and responsibility go hand in hand. When you create a family and receive children on earth, you have a responsibility for their welfare. You have a responsibility to raise them in love and harmony so that they can have and be raised with the beauty of love that you have nourished. They will thank you and be inspired to form their own family or unity with friends.

It is your responsibility to create the environment and atmosphere that is for the good of the child, and that is for the good of your friends. We have all our responsibility towards our fellow beings in love and respect. Sometimes it is difficult, because people do not behave, as you would have appreciated, according to the principle of love, understanding and tolerance in society. We are all part of God, and we have to help everyone. Everyone that is lost.

It is easy to help the ones that comply with the rules of society. “Do unto others that you would have them do unto yourself.” That is the rule of life. Souls that do not comply with rules of society are also children of God, because we are all the same from birth. They were not as fortunate in their upbringing as you. Help them and let them be part of your family structure in your world. Help them to find a family, a family of friends, so they can achieve what they have lost, the love within themselves.

The family should be based on love and responsibility. Everyone has a responsibility to create unity, because we are all one. Love your fellow beings, cast aside selfishness, and create a world and a family in love and peace. We are all children of God.

Friendship binds people together.
Friendship helps people back on track.
Friendship is something you will have to work for.
Friendship is love for each other.
Friendship is respect for each other.
Friendship is tolerance for others’ opinions.
Friendship is helping each other.
Friendship is unselfishness.
Friendship is from God.
Friendship is the way of life.
Friendship is all there is.

We all have this longing for friendship. Let us join the forces and create friendship on earth.

Friendship for humankind.
Friendship for all living beings.
Friendship for nature.

Love each other and you will have friendship within yourself.

The same applies for the family and each and every one of us in the spirit world. Families on this side of life are quite similar to the families on your side. We raise children that did not grow up on your side, and love is the key to raising children in the spirit world as it is in your world. We come together in the spirit world as a big family, where you will find true friendship, and where the diamond that you shaped and formed in your world becomes a reality of love in a united family. Love unites all of us.

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