9. Emptiness


God created the universe, God created you and I, God has created everything that you can see with your physical eyes and that you cannot see the unknown invisible worlds that are of another vibration than your world. Something cannot come by itself. When there is nothing, there is emptiness. Imagine yourself, the universe and yourself, completely vanished, it would be a black space, but my friend what is black and what is white, what is emptiness? Obviously, it is nothing.

What a beautiful world you live in. What a beautiful blue planet you have received in love from your Creator, what a wonderful life you have been given by your Creator. It is your mission to bring this love forth to your Planet Earth, to Mother Nature, and to your brothers and sisters on this earth plane. My friend, now I will disclose a fact that you can dwell on. When you discard a friendship, when you misuse a friendship and become unfriendly, you will lose a connection, a connection towards a friend, a friend that you cared for, that you were kind towards. When that link is broken you will have emptiness, emptiness in your mind, because the link of love has been broken. Love is the opposite of emptiness. Unfriendliness creates emptiness, selfishness creates emptiness, cruelty creates emptiness cruelty and violence towards your brothers and sisters on earth, towards any living being on earth. All the negative passions of the material plane create emptiness within your mind, within your environment, because you do not fulfil yourself when you create such vibrations. Then you distance yourself; you keep yourself apart from the power of love. My friend, that is emptiness.

This is what you shall have in mind on the earth plane. Create friendship, give of yourself, be tolerant and bring comfort to your fellow beings. What you actually are doing is creating substance of friendly thoughts and as you know, thoughts are substance; they are as real as you yourself. With thoughts of love, with thoughts of care, with thoughts of friendliness and kindness, you create love on your pathway; you create love with the power of yourself as a spirit of God. You have this power within when you bring love forth, because you are of the same power as the universe, as God employed when he created you and I, and all there is that you can perceive, that you can comprehend, when you have reached his wisdom, his love for you. Keep his wisdom in your heart, keep his love, and nourish this love by giving of yourself, by bringing love to your brethren, your fellow beings on earth. That is your mission in this life, here on this material plane. Your mission is to bring your effort into the creation, the creation of love, the creation of brotherhood, because you are all one, you are of the same power; you are of the same Creator. When you become aware, spiritually aware, of your own creation, you become love yourself, you become one in the consciousness of your Father, your Creator that made all there is.

My friend, you know now how to bring your own emptiness into the creation of love. You know now that love must prevail for you to see the light, for you to bring light to the empty space, so it can bring you the colours, the colours of the rainbow within yourself, the heaven that you can create, the beauty that you were given at birth to nourish, to bring in oneness with the creation of love. Care for your world. Care for human nature, for Mother Nature, for all the love that your Creator has brought to you. Become love yourself, and there will be no emptiness in your life, in your world within. In the world beyond, we create by our own minds, and we see the power that we have within ourselves, the thoughts that are substance, that we can mould with our minds, that we can mould with our hands to use your terminology on earth.

Your consciousness is what you perceive, what you see with your physical eyes. You can perceive the vibration that you have within and so it is in the world beyond, the vibration that you are fit for, that your consciousness is prepared for. Let your consciousness be of love and I can assure you that you will see and be part of paradise with such beautiful nature and surroundings, a nature of love that will bring your self into such harmony and peace that you never can attain on earth, because here love prevails when you become love yourself.

Do not come empty-­‐handed to this side of life. And by that I mean that you create the conditions on the earth plane that you will perceive on this side, that you will create on this side. Do not bring with you emptiness. Be sure that you bring love, love from your heart that you have brought to your brothers and sisters. That love will be your mansion, your paradise, in the world beyond. My friend, when you realise this fact, then you have raised yourself spiritually, then you are on your pathway towards the wisdom of God, towards his love, towards the unity of love, the heaven within yourself, the heaven of love. Paradise is real, as real as you. Paradise is love.

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