9. A Lovely Thought


Life, the beauty of your self,
Human nature,
The creative force that you are,
The power of love that carries you through life,
Turn yourself to this power,
This power of the universe
That created all there is,
That created you and I.

Life, an everlasting life,
The school of life is on earth,
The material life brought to you,
Given to your spirit in love, for you to learn,
For you to find the wisdom of life itself.

Life, an eternal life, a lovely thought,
Reflect on life.
I am a spirit that once lived upon the earth plane,
A physical body that perished, a spirit that survived.
That is a lovely thought, the thought that carries you through life,
That gives you the comprehension of life itself,
Why you are here,
The meaning of life.

A lovely thought,
A lovely creation of love.
We create by our mind, we in the spirit world,
We create as God created Earth,
Because our thoughts become alive
By the power of love within ourselves,
By our own creative mind.

A lovely thought can be made alive,
A lovely flower
Is not merely a thought, but made alive in my world,
As your Creator that made your lovely flowers alive on the earth plane.
A lovely thought,
The truth of life,
The truth of your self,
An eternal spirit,
An eternal life,
Become that lovely flower when on Earth,
Become the love that created this flower,
That created you.

Love, Care, Share.

A lovely thought,
Make that your pathway in life
And you become that lovely thought yourself,
The spirit within,
Heaven within yourself.

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