8. Truthfulness to Yourself


My friend, you are a spirit in a physical body, and this spirit can be beautified when you achieve spiritual awareness. You have a beauty within. At first it is a little grain, but when you nurture this seed it will bloom and become your treasure in life. It will be like a gardener that sows flower seeds that are carefully nurtured and looked after every day. You yourself are this gardener. You will have to look after the flower, the beauty that you have within yourself. You have to see to that it receives the right nutrition, the spiritual food. The gardener gives water to his flowers, he gives love towards his flowers, and he creates the right atmosphere within his garden. When you know that you have the power within your mind to influence the atoms, the molecules of water, then you must understand that the flower you have within will have your thoughts as nutrition, and your thoughts will mirror themselves in your creation.

On the earth plane, people do not have the understanding of their influence. Everything consists of atoms and molecules, and you can influence this substance by your own thoughts. And so it is with you that are 70 80 % water. You can influence your whole being with your thoughts. You can influence the atoms that you consist of. That is why you can heal yourself by your thoughts. If you have a disease, you must use all available means to cure yourself, because everything that is curative is a gift from God: medical handicraft, medicine and your own thoughts for healing in the atmosphere of love. Healing and thoughts of love will nurture your body with spiritual awareness, so you can raise yourself towards the universal consciousness, towards God and heighten your own spirituality.

My friend, what I have said is part of the picture of truthfulness to yourself. You are truthful to yourself when you raise yourself in spirituality, when you nurture your body with love and charity, by giving help to others. When you leave selfishness behind, you will not only be honest towards others, but you will find truthfulness within yourself. You see, truthfulness is to understand yourself, to raise your spiritual self, to know where you came from, to know what you are, to know what the meaning of life is, to know what your mission is on earth, to know what tasks are here to perform and accomplish, and to know where you eventually will travel someday in the future when you leave your physical body behind. Truthfulness to yourself is to understand life, to understand God’s consciousness and the universe, the universal law, which is cause and effect. We know only of one law and that is cause and effect; what you do unto others, you do unto yourself. You reap as you sow, that is the universal law.

Truthfulness is something you will find within yourself when you raise yourself in spirituality, when you pray to God for his guidance, when you know that the spirit world is as real as your world even more real, because we have liberty and are not hampered by the earthly terms of materialism. We can fill ourselves with love by helping others, and so can you. The law of cause and effect is the same everywhere in the universe, whether that is on this plane of life or in the spirit world, or in other dimensions of life. You must understand that your beautiful blue planet is not the only planet that is inhabited by spirits. When you know that there are billions of stars, billions of galaxies and that the universe is endless, then it must come to your mind that there must be other dimensions and other creations of yourself; but all must come to you as a truth.

You have your microscope and telescope. You can see with your physical eyes through these devices and explore the creations by God that you cannot perceive without this technology. You can, through your microscope, see myriads of life forms. Likewise, with your telescope you are able to see the vast universe and many lightyears ahead. When you watch a star light years away, you have a glance of the distant past, because you must remember that the speed of light is your measure of distance and the speed of light gives you the measure of the past that you can see with your physical eyes.

You see, truth to you is when you discover new aspects of life with your technology. When scientists do their research within quantum physics, they will see that there are other dimensions in life, and we in the spirit world are but one dimension, with a much higher vibration than you and your physical world. It is beyond your span of light, it is of another wavelength and frequency.

On the Bridge of Love, you can raise yourself in understanding. You can meet your loved ones, your friends that have passed on to the spirit world, who can come back to you in physical form and speak to you on the Bridge of Love when you have the right conditions, the right atmosphere, and when you have trust and faith in your Father in heaven. Then your research will be a success.

Truthfulness to yourself is to understand yourself, is to understand the universe, is to understand and receive the wisdom of God that you are capable of discovering, because your Father in heaven has given you the challenge to search and when you search you will find, and the doors will open.

Truthfulness to yourself is love, honesty, unselfishness, humbleness and forgiveness, because you will know that you are part of God when you raise yourself towards his wisdom, raise yourself in spirituality. Be truthful to yourself, be honest with yourself, be honest in all walks of life, give love, provide charity, sow peace on your pathway, and the garden that you started to sow your seeds within will flourish and bloom with such a tremendous beauty that you yourself will light up and be a star for others to follow, a star with the wisdom of God.

Your garden is transparent in the spirit world. What you sow on earth, you reap on this side. You will have a beautiful garden in the spirit world, the beautiful heaven that you have created within yourself, when you have raised yourself towards your Father in heaven.

Love is all there is, love is everything in life, and truthfulness is love. When you have truthfulness within, then you have peace of mind, then your struggles on the earth plane have served their mission and you have beautified yourself. You see, the struggles and the passions of the earth are there for you to master and conquer, and when you have fulfilled yourself, they have served their role in your life, and you have found truthfulness within. Then you have achieved your objective and mission in life, because then all there is within you is love, and charity will be your treasure that you share with your brothers and sisters on earth.

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