8. Stars Above


What a beautiful sight you have when you lift your eyes towards the clear sky at night, when you admire this beautiful creation in such harmony, in such peace with itself, the twinkling of stars, gleams of the universe beyond your sight.

You become fascinated over the unknown, by the endlessness that you cannot comprehend, but it is so beautiful, it is creating such calmness within you, even though it is beyond your comprehension, even though you know that those twinkling stars are light years away, distances that are beyond your mechanical world to reach but, my friend, we in the spirit world can move by thought, and we know what is beyond your sight. We can, by our thought, travel to the stars light years away, and watch the beauties that you need the telescope to just have a glimpse of. And, my friend, I can tell you that beyond the galaxies, beyond the stars that are just flickering in the sky, there are more stars and more galaxies because the universe and God’s creation are infinite.

The solar system that you are part of, with the sun as your star, is there for you to explore and understand, and the sun is of the same creation as elsewhere in the universe. The stars are of such tremendous power, of such tremendous energy that you have explored through science with its fusion of hydrogen into helium. The stars consist of all the elements that you are made of, that the universe is made of, different content, but the same elements. You have been given all the elements on the earth plane for you to explore, for you to comprehend nature and its laws.

You are a replica of the universe yourself. The atoms you consist of are like the stars, a body of galaxies of stars because, my friend, you were made by the same power as the universe itself, the power of love, the love from God, because God is love. We in the world beyond see another picture, see and can comprehend another vibration that you with your technology, with your present understanding, cannot acknowledge but someday you will have this knowledge on earth, and then, my friend, you will change, change in behaviour, you will see the heaven that we can give to you, the heaven of love. You will be able to see that we are all one, that you are brothers and sisters, all children of God, and that selfishness is there for you to master, for you to eradicate on the earth plane, so you can bring forth equality among all, so you can take care of each other, so you can bring love to each other, so you can create heaven on earth, as we give to you the knowledge of heaven on this side of life. You see, my friend, we have love for each other, that is the power that we see in our world, that is the creative power, that we can employ to create our surroundings, to create even stars in the sky above ourselves. We have a tremendous power when we have become one with God, when we have become love ourselves. And that is for you to find within, the treasure that you can build in yourself, the treasure of heaven, the treasure of love that you can bring to your brothers and sisters on earth, so you can be part of the tremendous love, the consciousness of God, the power of the universe.

The stars above give you a reflection of yourself. The stars above are a creation made by God, made for you to comprehend life, to comprehend yourself.

What you see with your physical eyes is just one vibration, but there are many vibrations as you also have from science, but the vibration of the spirit world is but unknown to you. We are of such a fine vibration that you cannot perceive it with your physical eyes. You can feel the presence of spirits; you can feel the vibration of love, and that is the vibration of the spirit world when we come to you to bring the message of God, as humble servants to the earth plane. We bring you love from the world beyond. That is our mission, my friend. We are here to heal your world, to help you to gain understanding of yourselves and of the creation. It is an evolution; it cannot be a revolution because spirits on the earth plane are of different development, of different spirituality. You all need to climb the ladder, and you all have to see and experience the same before you can raise yourselves. You must understand that love is foremost in life. Keep love in your heart. That is how you can create peace of mind, that is how you can find tranquillity on the earth plane, that is how you will know that you are all brothers and sisters, that is how you care for each other, that is the key to unlock the doors to the unknown.

The stars above reveal to you the truth that the universe is infinite, and so are you yourself, an infinite being, an eternal being that can never die, that is part of God. You are a spirit of God, and you are here on earth to learn, to walk the school of life, so you can raise yourself towards your Father and his wisdom, so you can bring comfort to your world so you can be part of the care for your brothers and sisters, for your fellow beings. You have a wonderful mission, my friend. Be a star yourself, be a shining star that can show the way for others, and that star is of love, that star is of God. Be that bright star, and you become a messenger of God yourself, an angel on the earth plane, the star made by the heaven of love, the kingdom of God.

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