8. Miracle


What a wonderful morning,
What a wonderful miracle,
God’s revelation has been brought before your eyes,
The daylight reveals to you the Creation itself.

The birds are singing,
The blackbird is right there on the lawn,
In the green grass with its orange beak,
Watching you,
Singing to you heavenly music.
A miracle you would say,
But it is God given,
Given to you, for you to enjoy life here on earth.

The flowers that reveal to you the creative force,
A wisdom that you cannot comprehend,
A wisdom that you cannot apprehend,
Revelations given to you in nature,
Given to your innermost being,
For your mind to reflect upon,
Is the power of the universe,
The power of God,
The power of love.

It is nature’s laws in operation on the earth plane,
Even though it seems like miracles to your own mind,
It is only God’s law in operation.

Christ materialised himself, as you know from the Scriptures.
A miracle you would say, a miracle
When you know that people that leave their physical body are gone.
Christ was not the first and not the last to materialise,
It is nature’s law, as with the flowers, as with yourself,
As with everything that you see,
Brought alive with the creative force,
Brought alive by God, by love.

So, my friend, what is a miracle?
A miracle is a life of wisdom,
Of God’s wisdom within yourself.
Reach that wisdom,
Reach for the wisdom that made your self,
The love that gave you life,
God’s love for you all,
God’s love for planet Earth,
God’s love for Mother Earth.

Miracles are there for you to understand,
Are there for you to use your reasoning and logic to comprehend.
Beautiful miracles are wonderful wisdom,
Life is a miracle when you do not know the essence of your self,
The spirit within,
The seed of love that gave you life,
The spirit that can never die.

You might say that your spirit is a miracle
Because it is beyond your physical sight.
The Bridge of Love can give you that sight,
Can give you the wisdom of life itself.

A miracle for you to reflect upon,
Life, for you to find the essence of
God’s love within yourself.

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