8. Make Beautiful

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The sacred spirit that is part of you, that you have within yourself, the spirit that keeps you alive in your physical flesh, is of God.

When you came to this world from the womb of your mother and saw the daylight of the material world it was a new adventure for you, a new adventure in your eternal life, because you are a spirit, you are of God, and God is infinite, God is eternal, as you yourself are. This seed that becomes part of your physical flesh at birth is there for you to beautify, to evolve, to edify, so you can find your true self when you grow in wisdom, grow on the material plane with all its struggles, with all its passions, with all its challenges that are there for you to experience, for you to master, and for you to raise yourself above.

Edification is part of your life to rectify your mistakes, to see right from wrong in life, and that is why you wanted to attend this school of life on earth, to find a pathway for your spirit that will beautify your self, that will make you beautiful within, that will make your pathway beautiful as a light for others to watch and follow in life.

When you walk upon the earth plane you make traces behind yourself. Everything you do will be part of your mind, will be part of the consciousness of your world, and you are responsible for your own behaviour, for making your pathway beautiful, for making your world beautiful, because when you become a light you will show the way for others, and others will see that your pathway in life makes a beautiful garden. Then they want to follow that pathway, and then they themselves create a pathway and make your world beautiful. And when many such pathways cross each other, as with the many rivers you have on the earth plane that eventually arrive at sea, that ocean will be of such wonder that it will mirror yourself and the life on earth. The ocean is the consciousness of yourself and the people of your earth, of all the deeds and all the mistakes that have been made from ancient times, because water is alive and water has a memory. It sounds difficult for you to understand with a material mind, but when you find your spiritual self and see that everything is alive, that the air itself that you breathe in and out is alive, and when you give thoughts to the air and the water, then you bring your spiritual self to the consciousness of the water, to the air, to the living substance of the earth plane. You see, my friend, the atoms and the molecules in the atmosphere are created by yourself. The love that you contribute with the evil that people make on the earth plane, the thoughts of good and evil are part of the consciousness of your world, and part of the consciousness of the ocean in your world. Make the consciousness of your world, the water of your world, into a beautiful ocean of love, of consecration, of reverence for the deity, for the Great Spirit that dwells upon the earth plane. Make beautiful your own thoughts so you can be part of the consciousness of love, because God is love, and God wants to be part of you, wants to be in oneness of your thoughts that are of love.

In the spring time, watch the flowering, the blossoming of your Father, of the Great Spirit that is in all, in the flowers, in Mother Nature. God is in all, in everything, because God created all there is, he made everything, he created all beautiful, he made his creation beautiful, and it is the human race that needs to make its world in compliance with your Father´s creation, in reverence for his creation. Consecrate his creation. That is your responsibility, my friend, to take part in this mission to make your world beautiful, because you can be his hands, you can pour love over your pathway in life, you can share with your brothers and sisters so the world can be of use for all of the children of God. Enlighten yourself and raise yourself above the material aspect of living, and when you do this, you will see that a life in modesty is the pathway to a beautiful journey on earth. To make yourself selfless is a beautiful trace that you can create on earth, because when you make yourself unselfish you edify yourself, and you contribute to the whole.

When you regard yourself as a sacred temple where you have the beauty of your Father within yourself, where you become one in the consciousness of love and one with God, when you fill yourself with this beautiful conscious mind of love, then you become part of God’s church, the church that is for all on the earth plane, the church and the temple that are open for all the children on earth. That church is a beautiful sacred temple of the Great Spirit, of your Father in heaven, because, my friend, that church is open for everyone, there are no dogmas, there is one word in that church and that church is painted with this word, and the word is love, love filled within the atmosphere of this sacred place on the earth plane. Make that church your own. Make that church as your reverence for your Creator.

Your world has many religions, but there is only one religion that is of God, and that religion is love. Make it simple, make it beautiful, that is, sacred in the heart of God. God does not demand, God does not want any extravagances in his world, he wants modesty, he wants simplicity, he wants you all to have a happy and wonderful life, he wants you to find the sacred place within yourself, he wants you to bring this temple, this treasure that you build in love on earth, to raise yourself spiritually so you can find this love on the other side of the veil, in the world beyond, because he wants you to find peace and his love in your life.

There is only one God, there is only one, and you can be part of the consciousness of his love, you can be in him and he can be in you, in this sacred temple that you can build within yourself, and he will be present when you ask for his presence, when you ask in prayer for filling yourself with his glory, with his love for you, then he will take part in your service, and you can be his hands on the earth plane so you can make your life beautiful, so you can make your pathway beautiful, so you can make your world beautiful.

Make everything in your life beautiful. Use this expression and make everything you touch in life beautiful; every thought, every deed, every task and all the work you partake in, make beautiful.

Make yourself beautiful; edify your inner self so you can be in oneness with your Father, in his love. That is how you make yourself beautiful on earth.

Give love, make beautiful
Be honest, make beautiful
Share with others, make beautiful
Live in modesty, make beautiful
Be charitable, make beautiful
Forgive, make beautiful
Humble yourself, make beautiful
Love peace, make beautiful
Love one another, make beautiful
Make yourself unselfish, make beautiful
Heighten yourself spiritually, make beautiful
Be one in God´s love, make beautiful
Let love make your world, make beautiful

Make your life beautiful. Make your world beautiful.

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