8. Live in Modesty

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When you look out in the valley, you see green grass and beautiful slopes, and in the horizon you see the dark blue ocean, and you see the green and the blue colours that match perfectly with the blue sky. White clouds are passing by quietly, the sun is shining upon you and you feel the warmth, it is as if the sunrays are filling you with an energy of calmness, harmony and peace within. The birds are soaring over the valley, and all of a sudden you become aware of your hands that are covered by sunflowers, because you find yourself in a meadow and the smell and the beauties that catch your eyes fill your heart with contemplation, with love and peace. You feel yourself at one with nature, you feel yourself at one with the power that you have within yourself, the power of the Almighty Spirit.

When you sit like this, it feels like heaven, the heaven that you have within yourself, because you are completely at peace with yourself. Now, my friend, how can you attain such peace within, where nothing is bothering you, where you have no thoughts of discomfort, where your heart is untroubled, where you are just enjoying yourself, where you are just trying to grasp all the beauties that you have in sight and feel around you. Well, I can tell you this, friend, that you have had a taste of what you can have when you live a life in modesty, because you do not need wealth in excess to have this restful mind, the heaven that you create within yourself with such thoughts that are not troubled, that are of love, love for your Almighty Father, love for Mother Nature and love for your fellow beings. When you can fill your heart with loving thoughts, then you have climbed spiritually and you have no need for anything else in life than your basic needs. You see, modesty brings you the heaven that you can fill yourself with by love.

You can build the treasure within yourself that cannot be destroyed by moth and rust, a treasure that you can bring along to the world beyond when you leave the earth plane, when you have accomplished your mission of the earth. Selfishness, greed and vanity, the passions that you experience on the earth plane, are not part of modesty because these passions will disappear, will vanish, when you keep modesty as your nature in life, when you have no hankering for acquiring more than you need for your daily life, for a life in comfort, but that life must be in perspective, where modesty prevails.

If people of the earth could have ‘modesty’ as a word of honour that could come into practice in their daily life, then you would not have suffering in your world because then selfishness would be a word of dishonour. Do you think, my friend, that people that live in excess, that have tremendous wealth and all the possessions that they can acquire, live a life in happiness and comfort? Do you really believe that selfishness will gain you a calm and peaceful mind? No, my friend, it will not, and that you have many examples of on the earth plane, if you just look around.

Vanity is an obstacle that makes people acquire possessions and wealth that they do not need. Vanity will hold you down and will not give you the true peace that modesty can give you, because when you understand that vanity and selfishness are there for you to master, when you see that they are not beneficial for you, when you feel that you within yourself are bringing misfortune to yourself, then material wealth and possessions will have no value, because they do not build the heaven within, the treasure, the beauty of life.

When you look at yourself, then imagine what kind of life you can have when you depart from the earth the life that you leave behind yourself, the thoughts, the memories and the mind that you carry with you to this side of life. When you use your imagination you will understand that what you achieve by material wealth is of no value to you in the world beyond, and it does not give you peace of mind. We on this side look upon your world and see the despair due to selfishness. We see that people that live and have the knowledge of modesty have raised themselves spiritually, and have a much better life on the earth plane then material minded people. And when they come to this world the material minded people will come emptyhanded whilst the spiritually minded people will have a treasure that they can enjoy. The love that you gave to others is your treasure in the world beyond, as it is on the earth plane, but people are often hampered by the earthly passions, by the material world.

You must understand that the human being that was sitting in his peacefulness on the top of the beautiful valley, that could enjoy the dark blue ocean, the calmness of the clouds, the green slopes, the beautiful sunflowers, the sunrays, all the colours in nature with all its beautiful creations, can be you. You can become that human being when you have filled yourself with the treasure of love and have become one of the sunflowers in the meadow. You can have the restful mind, the untroubled heart and the happiness, when you live your life in the right manner, when you live your life in moderation, and when you have acquired the knowledge that selfishness, greed and vanity are there for you to raise yourself above.

Spirituality and modesty go hand in hand. You will see that possessions and wealth in excess are nothing to strive for, because when you raise yourself they will vanish and have no meaning for you. They will only be a barrier for reaching the highest within you.

Wealthy people have a major obstacle in their life if they are not living their life in modesty and do not care for their fellow beings. When they see that their wealth and their fortune can be used for the good, can be used to help other human beings, can be used for charity, then they have climbed the ladder of spirituality, then they have understood the meaning of life, then they have found their true self.

All people can climb the ladder of spirituality and have peace within if they themselves acquire the knowledge of modesty, acquire the knowledge of love and charity, acquire the knowledge of unselfishness, acquire the wisdom of God.

We are here to guide you, to show you the way to a wonderful life, both on the earth plane and in the world beyond and that is a life in modesty, because

In modesty you find your true self,
In modesty you find God,
In modesty you find love,
In modesty you find peace of mind,
In modesty you raise yourself spiritually,
In modesty you find the heaven within yourself,
In modesty you become one with God.

Enjoy the real beauties of the earth. You can have everything that is beautiful in life, everything, my friend. You can reach the highest, the most wonderful light, when you humble yourself and live a life in modesty.

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