8. Knowledge dispels fear


We bring you the knowledge that you can never die, that you are spirit. That your physical flesh, your physical body has been given to you by the Almighty to learn when you are here on earth. The main objective is to get rid of selfishness and to love your fellow beings, to seek God, to seek the seed of love that has been planted in you by God, to nurture this seed and to see to it that it becomes a flower that you can be proud of. Look at the flowers around you; they grow by themselves with the environment that God has created for them. Then my friend, you need to create an environment for your own seed inside you, so you can flourish and be the beauty that was meant for you from the start.

You are in a school of life where you have to climb the ladder. You cannot jump from first class to the upper class. You must climb from the first to the second to the third and so on, but you yourself on the way create different steps on that ladder, because we have different pathways to follow, but we are all seeking for the highest, the ultimate goal, which is God, which is love. As a student, you have to study and learn. All the material is there, the nature, your mind, your free will, and the capacity to acquire knowledge and to know right from wrong. We are all prepared for the great tasks of the earth. God knows the tasks, and he has given everyone a task, everyone.

You might have chosen your task before you came here, a task in humbleness, a task to learn the world, tasks that are difficult to understand, but all noble tasks are love for God.

There is a lesson to be learned for everyone. You might say. How can this happen? Why did God do this? With your mind, your earthly mind, it is difficult to understand the universal law, which is cause and effect.

God has given you tasks for love for humanity, for your fellow beings, only love. You may follow his tasks or follow your free will, which might be confused by materiality, by selfishness, by the need for power. God has given you free will to choose, if not, you would be robots, and what life would that be? So my friend, God has created all that you have been given, so you can learn and raise yourself spiritually, so you can cast aside selfishness, which is the root to evil deeds.

God rejoices with you when you create joy and peace on your pathway. He is in your sorrow, comforting you when cruel things happen, crying with you, but then again giving you the light to lift yourself up, conquering the despair of this world, which is created by human hand. My friend, when you know that God is in you and he is love, when you know that you cannot die, then you have the knowledge that dispels fear.

The Almighty has given you the knowledge in the seed that he has planted in you, but you have to follow the school of life and to nurture that seed to acquire the knowledge. When you have truly acquired that knowledge, there is no need for fear. Then you reach your peace inside.

In yourself, come and join us as humble servants of the Almighty knowing that all is well, that love and peace is in your heart and that you are ready for your journey on earth.

You are spirit, you are in the spirit world today, but you are clothed by your physical body. That´s the only difference my friend, because we are close by, standing beside you, but you cannot see us, because we have a counterpart, the ethereal body, a spirit body. The same spirit body, which you have in yourself, but you can only see your physical body with your physical eyes.

Know that you are in this world of ours at the present time, you don´t go anywhere when you leave your physical body, but with knowledge you raise your consciousness and you will see other spheres, another spectrum of the light. There is always something to learn, because the universe and the spirit world are so vast with endless opportunities, but first you will have to complete your earthly life. It´s like the apple, which will fall to the ground when it is ripe.

Some end their lives on earth by their own hands, and that is wrong, that’s wrong because you are not to enter the spirit world before your time comes. Conquer the materiality of your world, learn what is right from wrong, and yes, you will do many mistakes, but then again you can conquer them by charity. All in your life can be good, acquire knowledge, and know that you can never die, do your tasks in humbleness and in love for your fellow beings. Then you are on the right path, the path towards the Almighty, which is love. God bless you, my friend. Have courage. You are never alone. We are close by, trying to help you in your endeavours on earth. Knowledge dispels fear, my friend.

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