8. Healing and Faith

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Having faith in God is a prerequisite for any healing to occur. Remember the saying from Christ. He said, “Do you believe?” He knew the power of faith, the power of love that is needed for healing. Having faith is not just purely words. No, faith must be part of your whole being, it must be part of your inner self. When you have trust in God, know that you are part of the Almighty, know that you have the seed of God within you, then you have the faith and the power of love within your innermost being, and you have a beauty inside that you have nurtured with love, the love that you have created by giving love to others. Then, my friend, you are connected to the power of love, the healing power, to your Father in heaven.

All religions have faith in God because all seek love. Then, they are seeking for the highest within themselves; they are seeking towards God, the supreme force of the universe, for the Bridge of Love, bridging the two worlds together where love is the channel that you need to establish. You have to build the bridge with love, and then you create a force of faith towards God and his unconditional love. My friend, faith and love go hand in hand, because God is love.

The power you create on the bridge, the power of love, is the healing power that you need to cure your whole being. If you have not cured your spiritual being, you cannot cure your physical body by healing.

When you ask for healing, you send a prayer to God, you connect to his power of love, and that force comes back to you and fills your whole body with such subtle energy that you can only feel it when you receive it. This force cannot be seen with your physical eyes, but it can be felt, through your third eye, when you receive the healing power through yourself that you give to another human being.

God is operating within you when you give healing and receive healing, and nothing, nothing, can be done without faith. That’s why Christ, as you know so well, used faith, and had to establish the faith power for any healing to occur. It is a flow of energy from the kingdom of heaven through the veil to the earth plane, and you that have faith will receive this energy, that power of love.

Medicine and medical handicraft is given to you to cure diseases, but you have the opportunity to use healing and the power within yourself, the power of God, to strengthen your whole spiritual being, and then, in turn, your whole physical being.

Everything that can heal your physical body is of God, but the only thing that can heal your spiritual being, your spiritual body is the power of love. Remember this, my friend, that begins within yourself. Start to find the seed of love that is given to you by the Almighty Father and nurture this seed with spiritual food, which is love for your fellow beings, which is unselfishness. When you heal your spiritual body, your innermost being, that power will have a positive effect on your physical body because you are a whole being with a spiritual and a physical body.

On the Bridge of Love, you will find the healing power that goes hand in hand with faith and God, and you establish the right environment for healing.

Faith and healing go hand in hand.

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