8. Employment

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The work in the spirit world is manifold with endless opportunities. You thought that you had many occupations in your world, we have even more, because we live in a world of creativity, whilst your world is of the mechanical kind.

On this side social welfare is put on the highest pedestal. All work is to aid humanity, people in spirit as well as on earth, to manifest and create a better world, a world where love is paramount, a world where selfishness is cast aside. When we see opportunities to manifest the behaviour, in whatever direction and occupation, that is of love, helping others and raising people to a higher spiritual level within, then we organise and put all our efforts into such work.

We have work of science, where people continue their science work with their friends that are left behind on earth, inspiring them if they can with their knowledge. We have musicians, that still perform and compose music from where they left off on earth, artists performing plays in theatres, engineers helping out in the mechanical world of yours, social workers, doctors, psychologists, who often see that the spiritual aspect of their work was left out on earth. It is now on top of their agenda in the spirit world.

The politicians see the world in another shape and form. Many of the politicians loved their power and influence, but were many times imprisoned with their opinions that were difficult to stand up for. I can assure you that they stand up in this world where they see the spiritual aspect as the major force in their endeavours to change your world and to operate in our world.

We don’t have police officers and law enforcement, but we have lawyers. However, they are no longer lawyers of the kind that you know, they are now helping the victims of their past. The wrong they made, they now want to correct, and they correct their errors by charity, by helping others, as we all do, because we have all made mistakes. We have all made errors that we have to correct, to erase by charity, which is your salvation, both in this world and yours.

All on this side will have the opportunity for employment. No one can hold you back if you want to do the works of the Almighty, by bringing love to your fellow beings, helping them in whatever way they need. There is a place for everyone on this side, and there is no unemployment.

People in higher positions in your world humble themselves on this side to raise themselves spiritually. There is no other way to make progress in this world. If you want to speed up your spiritual progress, you will have to place yourself behind, and let others come first. That is the law of cause and effect. The last shall be the first, a wellknown parable from the scriptures.

Love is all there is, and you are lost in materiality if you don’t lift yourself above the material aspect of life and reach for the spiritual path. Yes, we know all the occupations of the earth, and all work that contributes to the benefit of humankind is of the good.

When you are on earth, let this parable above all run through your whole body, “the last shall be the first”. What does it mean? It means that you shall cast aside selfishness, vanity and the need for power, and cherish love and charity. Then you will conquer yourself and the world you live in and you will raise yourself towards God, towards love, where you are meant to be spiritually. Love your fellow beings and help wherever you can, and you will raise yourself. Then my friend, you will not be the last, but the first in the eyes of God.

Your task is now on earth. Your task is to perform the school of life so you can learn within yourself the struggles of the earth, to learn compassion and the real value in life, which is love.

Let me tell you this. We create by thought, and your consciousness is superior in your life in the spirit world. The bricklayer lays bricks, because the bricks are real if that soul wishes it to be so in his mind. The bricklayer will build his house with bricks if his mind will let him and allow him to do so. Everything on this side is built by the mind of the people. We have different fabrics and materials with different colours and beauties, and everything is created by thought.

If you were a carpenter when on earth, you will still be able to perform your work of wood and structure, similar to what you did on earth, because you can create all the tools and all the materials that you used to apply on earth. This is a real world, even more real than your world. This is reality.

We don’t need to create power as you do on earth, because we receive the power that we need and that keeps us alive from the Almighty, the power of the universe, the power of love.

Maybe it is difficult to comprehend all this, when living on earth, but love is reality. It is a force that you can apply for all the work that you will contribute with on this side of life.

We don’t need firemen any more. We don’t create fire. We create the power of love in our minds. The brightness of God, his light and love is our fire. Whatever you created on earth, you can create on this side and the substance is as real as on your side. If you so wish, your cup of tea will be the same, and the apples on the table will be there. I say this to make you understand that employment is real, because the substance on this side of life is real. It is just another vibration that we live within.

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