7. You

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Who am I?
A question you have asked yourself.
Who am I?
My friend, you are a spirit,
A spirit made by love,
A spirit within a physical body.

You came to earth,
You were given a life on earth in a physical body,
A life on earth where you had to evolve to raise yourself spiritually,
To find your true self, the spirit of love within.
My friend, you were given a life here on earth in love,
God’s love for you.

You can never die,
Your physical body will perish;
Your spirit will survive the physical flesh,
Because you were made out of love,
You were made by God, the wisdom, the power,
The everlasting source,
The spirit within yourself.

You, I am.
We are all living beings, human beings,
Incarnate or discarnate,
Everlasting spirits,
Spirits of love that live forever,
The source of life.

You have a beauty within,
Find this treasure,
Find the love that created you,
The light, the wisdom.
Find God within yourself
And you will become love yourself
When you become one with God.

Love on the earth plane,
Love within you,
God’s sacred temple is within.
Search and you will find,
Search and the doors will open,
Search in love,
Search in you, search within yourself.

Heaven, the spirits of love, follow you in life,
Your friends follow you, guide you, show you heaven within
When you open up for our guidance,
For our love for you.

Let love reign over you,
Let God’s love be with you,
Let the wisdom of life come to you,
Let your path in life be enlightened,
Be clear as the day, as the daylight on earth,
So you can find the beauty within,
The love that created you,
The source of life itself.

Blessings from heaven,
Blessings that are of the stars in heaven at night,
Blessings that shine upon you, twinkling in your eyes,
Twinkling with their colours of the rainbow,
Made for you, for you to reflect on life, on God,
For you to find his love that is there, open for your eyes in God’s nature,
Revealed to you every day in all its colours,
Made by his wisdom for you,
Made by his love for you all.

You, my friend, you are of God,
You are a spirit of God,
Find the love that he gave you at birth,
Find his love for you and become love yourself,
Become as one with us in love.

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