7. Supreme Love

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God is love. God is unconditional love. God is supreme love; love without borders, love without frontiers, love without limits, love with no end. God is infinite love.

On the earth plane you might say: where is God, how can he allow all this suffering, all the despair of your world, how can he let this happen, how can he permit the cruelty and violence, the misbehaviour of human beings in your world? My friend, when you know that God is love, and he has given you free will on the earth plane for you to develop yourself, for you to raise yourself spiritually, for you to find the love that he gave you at birth, the seed of love that you have within yourself, then you know, because God dwells within you, your spirit is of God, he is your Father, he made you out of love, his love for you. God does not interfere because then you would not have your free will, you would merely be robots if he instructed and restricted you on what to do and not to do on the earth plane, in your material life.

On earth you can be so upset with the material aspect of life that you refrain from the knowledge of divinity that you are part of the almighty spirit, that you are, as an individual, made of the same elements as the universe itself, the same elements as the stars, and all is made out of love and all is made by God. When you realise this then you question yourself, your inner self, about what the meaning of life is; why am I here, why is all this happening to me and why is there so much cruelty in this world when it is made out of love? There are many questions that come to your mind when you receive the vocation, the call from the divine, the call that tells you to find your real self, to develop and evolve your inner self, the love that you received at birth, the love that you are to cultivate on the earth plane, that you can bring forward to your world. You can dedicate yourself to bringing your world into harmony, to consecrating your innermost feeling for the wellbeing of your world.

You, my friend, as a human being, have the love of your Father within yourself and you are here on the earth plane to raise your world, so when you ask why God has permitted all the violence, all the misbehaviour of your fellow beings, well then, my friend, let me ask you this: why do you yourself permit such behaviour, why do you not raise your voice and say that this is not of God, that this is humanmade? The cruelty and violence of your world is manmade. It is not of God, because God is love, and he reveals himself to you in Mother Nature and with the sun in the sky, because the sun shines on all, the nonrighteous and the righteous, and Mother Nature does not differentiate the blooming either. Everyone can see the beauties that are given by your Father, from God in love for you.

When you have raised yourself to such a degree that you question yourself about the love from God, about the cruelty of your world, there is a vocation that has started operating within yourself, there is a voice within that says to you that you are an eternal being, that you are here on earth to evolve, to develop your true self. The earth plane is the school of life that you have to attend to and accomplish to find the truth of life, it is there in your struggle, because within struggle you will find the truth, and by experience of the material aspect of life with all its passions and misbehaviour, you can comprehend that all is there for you to evolve, for you to distinguish between right and wrong in life.

From your scriptures, you have the parable of Christ telling you about the good shepherd that leaves his flock in the wilderness in order to find the one sheep that is lost, and when he finds it, he carries it on his shoulders, rejoicing, and then he calls for his friends and neighbours, so they all can rejoice. It is a parable for you to see that God does not leave any of his children and that God is unconditional love. The missing sheep is the nonrighteous one among the righteous people, and there is more joy in heaven for one nonrighteous person that repents, than over the righteous that need no repentance, as it is in your own family when you as a parent are searching for your child that has gone astray, misbehaved and caused you sorrow. When that child is coming back to you to repent his mistakes then you rejoice and hold the child in your arms and forgive, and that is what your Father is doing with you as well, when you go astray, and when you repent and ask for his guidance in your prayer. He will listen and open his arms for you when you truly repent and say to yourself that this was the wrong path in life, and that you want to be part of his love, the love that you can give to others, the love that you can show and be a light for others to follow.

Do the will of your Father. That is the pathway to heaven within you. Be righteous in life, give love to your fellow beings, shout loud when you see misbehaviour so your world can raise itself, so your world can be of the love that your Father gave you at birth. Alleviate the suffering and let violence, cruelty and misuse of power vanish from the earth plane.

God gave you responsibility for yourself and this beautiful planet. He gave you a wonderful opportunity to find your true self and to create heaven on earth. My friend, that is supreme love, that is unconditional love from your Father that you see every day on your blue planet, that you see in Mother Nature, and that you see in other human beings that have raised themselves in love for their Father and their neighbour.

The two commandments that your prophets from ancient times depend upon: Love your Father and Love your neighbour, are the only law; the law of love. Love is the answer for your wellbeing, for the wellbeing of your world, it is the supreme love from your Father that he gave you at birth, that he has given to your world, that he has given to humanity for them to gain heaven within themselves, for them to create heaven on earth.

We come to you in love, and we are humble servants of the Almighty Spirit. We have been on your earth plane and we know your struggles. We know the material aspect of life, and we know where and why it is so easy to fail, so easy to make mistakes on your earth plane, but mistakes are there for you to gain knowledge and to raise yourself, to learn right from wrong.

It is love. This lesson on earth that you have been given is love, as you as a father and mother will give to your child. You will let your child go to school and learn from its mistakes so the child can see what pathway to follow in life, to evolve, to find itself, to fill itself with love for other human beings, and when you become love yourself, you become one with God. Then you and your Father are one in love, in unconditional love, in supreme love.

God gave you life here on earth to evolve, to find your true self, to build heaven within yourself and to build heaven on earth.

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