7. Quantum Physics

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Electromagnetic fields are all around you and part of the universal flux, the universal fluctuations. Let us start with the universe. The universe has endless numbers of galaxies, endless numbers of stars, and endless numbers of infinitely small particles that you cannot even see with your physical eyes atoms as you have named them. There are small quanta as you have termed them within quantum physics, like the atom where you have electrons and neutrons in orbit. It is similar to your own small universe with the sun and the planets. Well, it is not particularly small. You would rather say it is huge when you view the distances in terms of light years, which are of such distance that they are unimaginable to reach.

You have been to the moon, and you are planning adventures to other planets. Reaching further with your technology is incomprehensible today, but within quantum physics it is not, because thought and consciousness go far beyond the speed of light, far beyond your comprehension. Scientists of the earth have tried to watch the behaviour of electrons to describe the physical life using quantum physics, but then they meet an obstacle. That is when they observe the electron where they, in a way, release their own consciousness, where they release thoughts of magnetic fields of electrical charge and see that the electrons are behaving differently when they bring consciousness into the picture. I can tell you this, my friend, that this is true. You can, with your thoughts, with your consciousness, have an effect on atoms, on electrons, on molecules in nature.

There are hidden treasures in water, and you consist of 70 – 80% water yourself. If you bring thoughts of love, consciousness of love to these small molecules and water in itself, you change the behaviour of those molecules within the water, and so it is with the electrons that the scientists are trying to observe.

Within quantum fluctuations, the scientists of the earth plane know that energy can be displayed for a moment in time. Well, I can tell you this, if we impress our energy on a certain spot, we manifest ourselves for a certain time and you are able to see this manifestation of energy. You are able, in today’s technology picture, to observe spirits that impress their energy on the material plane. Now, the scientists would say that that is occult, and to even mention that it could be spirits within their environment would be regarded as such, but I say this to you, my friend, that if you create the right environment, the conditions for love within your research, you will have repetitiveness. Remember this, that even though we impress ourselves so you can observe us through quantum fluctuations, we are careful, we are cautious to show and create repetitiveness where we cannot control the environment due to the fact that you create your own atmosphere and attract spirits of different kinds. Create an atmosphere of love and you are on the road, the pathway, to find the answers. Then we will cooperate with you.

Consciousness and the electric charges of thought create electric and magnetic fields, and through these fields you will find the answers, scientifically within quantum physics, to the spirit world, the answers that you are an eternal being, that we are alive, that we are as you; human beings with an intellect.

Within quantum physics you will be able to comprehend more of the complexities of the universe that are far more than your present understanding of your own universe, because there are multiple universes and multiple dimensions. With quantum physics you will discover that there is more out there, that the universe is endless, a universe of endless opportunities, that there is a life after death, and that we are alive and that we are all part of God’s consciousness.

We on this side urge you to go forward with your quantum physics, to explain your results to the world, even though the results are not comprehendible at the present time. Let us cooperate within this field of science, but create the right atmosphere of love, because it is in love that you will find the answer to life itself.

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