7. Organisation


The spirit world is highly organised. When you come to this world, there is a law that we name “cause and effect”, in other words “you reap as you sow”. The wisdom of God rules the universe. If it does not seem so in different moments of your life, you can be sure that God is the love behind all there is, but he has given us free will. If there was no free will, we would merely be robots, and what kind of life would that be?

We value individuality, creativity, responsibility and the completeness of our own selfbeing. We would all of us like to be in command of our own selves, to have free will, to know that we can make our own universe, define our own beauty within, set the standard for our life and contribute to our own culture. We want to have an independent and free life. We want to have democracy, to have freedom to shape the future in love for our fellow beings, in love for humanity.

Well, my friends, this does not change in the spirit world. In our sphere of life, we have free will, but as in your world there are limits within ourselves and within our society where we live. However, in the spirit world the organisation of life makes itself. On earth you have the government that sets the laws and the rules. On this side we don’t have any appointed leaders or law enforcement, because there is no need, no need for any government, because everything is in place, everything is natural, it is within you, it is within your consciousness. You cannot do any harm on this side to anyone. Souls may harm themselves, if they don’t follow the rules and the wisdom of God. Here you reap as you sow, immediately. Here you know right from wrong, instantly, because everything has an effect on your being, on your aura field around you that changes in colour and gives information. We can penetrate and see your thoughts, immediately. There are no secrets on this side. Everything is open to everyone. There is nothing hidden, and that’s why everything is organised by itself. There is a natural organisation of life. God is love, and that is the supreme force that rules the universe.

With love you can raise yourself spiritually, and in love you will reach more beauties and higher consciousness of life. The more wisdom, the higher consciousness you achieve, the higher responsibility you will take, the more you will cooperate with the higher beings and the more you will fit in to the natural structure of the spirit world. Everything here is natural, everyone has their place. You will find help everywhere for whatever problem you might have. We have an organisation, but it is a natural organisation. There is no urge for power. We have only true leadership, and the leadership is spiritual wisdom. This wisdom, which is love, manages souls on different spheres. Love that has found its place based on the law of cause and effect. There is a chain of cause and effect, a chain that you will have more wisdom of when you reach within your spirit.

Some will say that we have ministers or angels from God that govern the heavens. In a way that is true, but everything is natural. It is not a position based on power in earthly terms. It is position that you earn spiritually based on your level of consciousness, humbleness, love for humanity and love for the Creator, in thankfulness. All there is, all that is, all positions as you call them, have been earned in love.

The higher consciousness you achieve, the more humble you become. This humbleness is the pathway to God and to the highest positions as you call them. You can turn your organisation upsidedown, and you will have a picture of the ministries of this world. In humbleness, you will find the highest power in the universe and within yourself, the power of love. Power is something you earn in love. I am a humble servant of the Almighty. That is what we strive for, that is what humbleness is, the pathway to higher consciousness within yourself.

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