7. Materialism

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Materialism is the opposite of spiritualism, and what is spiritualism? Well, my friend, it is to know that you have the spirit inside you, that you have God in you and that you have the true knowledge that you can never die. Materialism is concentrated on the material things on earth, and you need to have both on earth, but in the right perspective. We on this side know that too much of materialism, materialism in excess, accumulated in wealth in terms of possessions, is of no value on our side of life. It is nothing to strive for on earth. You should rather strive for the spiritual aspect of your inner being, understanding yourself, understand why you think and act like you do. Being in a spiritual atmosphere brings you the good things in life.

Materialism in excess does not bring you any good. If you don’t have the love for others, if you don´t have the capacity to share with others, if selfishness is the force that controls your ambitions for more possessions, then my friend, you are on the wrong path.

If charity is your fundamental mind set, then materiality is not your enemy, because then you know how to handle your intelligence and your possessions in life. People think that they have a treasure on earth when they become wealthy with a lot of money and material things. Well my friend, to become wealthy, you do not need to build up a treasure of materiality because it is of no value when you have reached your spiritual awareness, when you know that God is in you, is operating in you for the well being of others. Treasures are something you build up by doing the good things, the good thoughts and the good deeds in your life on earth. Then you are on the right track.

When you raise yourself spiritually, materialism becomes of no value. Of course, you need to sustain life, have the necessities, and have what you need for a comfortable life. We all want to have a comfortable life, but that is not in excess of materiality. Some say that when they get this, or that, they will be fine, but I say to you, seek within, seek the beauty that you have within you, seek the love that God has planted in you, and your thoughts will nourish the beauty inside, and you will let go of the eagerness for material things, because they have no value.

Life here on earth is the school of life to teach you to get rid of selfishness, to have a balanced view of life, to live in harmony with others, to learn that God is a force, the love behind all, all that you can enjoy, but he has also given you free will, and he does not interfere. He wants you to find the key yourself, to his kingdom, and you will find his kingdom on earth as well as in heaven, because you have heaven within you.

Free will is a wonderful thing. You are here to make a better world. Your actions towards your fellow beings are the seeds that will make beautiful flowers that will sustain a beautiful nature. You yourself are responsible for the earth, for the wellbeing of the earth.

The earth has all you need. Conquer selfishness by love for your fellow beings, and the earth will be as heaven, because on this side, we have love for our neighbours, we forgive, we have patience, we don’t need power, we don’t have the power, we receive the power of love from our Father, and that is all we need, that’s more than you can ever imagine.

It’s the power that will raise you above all, that will bring you in union with God, which is your ultimate wish, your ultimate dream, because that is pure, that’s the purest love of the universe. Seek God my friend, seek love, then you conquer materialism in excess. Charity my friend, Charity.

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