7. Master Materiality


You live in a world, in a material world in all its beauties, and this beautiful blue planet you have endeavoured to see from space. You have been to the moon, and you have your telescope and your technology to discover stars and planets of the vast universe.

And I say to you that the universe is infinite. You can only see to the wavelength of the red colour, and when you go beyond the infrared wavelength at one end and the gamma wavelength at the other end, your present technology limits your sight. In the material world, you have all the creations of your Father, and this earth plane has a vibration that is created for you as a learning ground of the life that you received with your physical body. Your spirit that you have within yourself has the liberty to evolve and travel to other vibrational levels, and our world beyond is a level of higher vibration than your world, and that creates the veil between us.

You are here on earth to experience the material terms of life, the passions of the earthly life and to enjoy Mother Nature with all its wonderful creations of flowers, of birds, of all living beings that have their feet on the ground, and they are all revelations to you to show you the diversity of life, the abilities of the creations, the plentifold beauties of this world. There is so much richness in nature for you to enjoy when you become in harmony and do not set yourself apart. Then you can find peace with nature, and find yourself in balance with all the creations of Mother Nature.

In the material world you have your physical body and the passions of the earth. You have to strive for your living; you have to work for an education and to find yourself an occupation so you can have an income to supply your own and your family’s needs. That is the school of life that was given to you by your Father to master materiality, to see to it that selfishness is there to supply your basic needs and not to gain wealth in excess. When you see that people are suffering in your world, then your intellect understands that there is something wrong and that your Father has put this in front of you to find solutions, to master yourself and the passion of selfishness.

Selfishness is the major obstacle in your world for sharing resources, and that is why you have so much despair in your world, and that is why you are here on the earth plane, to see with your physical eyes that there is something there that you can take part in and change, so your world can be healthy, so your world can conquer the passion of selfishness, the passion of greed, the passion of vanity and the misuse of power. People forget that they are all children of God, and that they are here on earth to master life of the material world.

When you master materiality you will climb spiritually. You will see that the tasks that you have here on earth are there for you to sort out, are there for you to use your intellect to find the key for your world to prosper and become a healthy and prosperous place for every child of the Almighty Father, and you are but one, and it is your responsibility, every one of you, to see to it that every child of your Father is not suffering in the material life.

When you one day join us in the world beyond, you will bring with you the thoughts and the mind that you created within yourself, your consciousness, and then you will see all the suffering that you left behind or that you gave your life for. And, my friend, imagine what you in your mind will understand when you come to this world and see what you did and what you did not do. Imagine in your mind what consciousness you will have when you see that you are alive and understand that the earth plane, the material world, was there for you to master, was there for you to bring to a higher level, a level of spirituality where people shared with each other, where people loved each other, where people raised each other so everyone could live in harmony and peace. Imagine if you could say to yourself: “Thank you Father for giving me the opportunity of being of assistance, to be your hands on the earth plane”, or if you had to say to yourself: “My life was useless on earth, I did not contribute to the wellbeing of others, I only thought about myself.” My friend, what kind of mind, what kind of consciousness, would you like to have when you leave the physical plane, the material world? I can assure you that you wish to have the love that you have built up within yourself towards your fellow beings on the earth plane.

Love is the treasure on this side of life. That is the beauty that you can gain on earth, and that you can have on both sides of life, a wonderful heaven within yourself where you will find peace of mind.

There are always opportunities to enhance yourself, to raise yourself spiritually, to help wherever you can, but you have the opportunity now in your world to master materiality and to raise yourself in spirituality, to serve your Father, and to serve his children, to bring love and charity. That is your mission in life. And what a wonderful mission you have, and what a wonderful treasure you can build up within yourself.
I say to you, my friend: take the hand of the Almighty Father, ask for guidance, and he will lead you to your tasks on earth. He will bring you joy and happiness when you find the knowledge and the wisdom of life.

You, my friend, are here on earth to master materiality; you are here to find your true self and to raise yourself towards oneness with your Father, towards his love, towards the consciousness of love. That is the power of everything there is, the power of all the creations of your Father, and you are not an exception, my friend. You are on the earth plane because you are of the Almighty Spirit. You are given this opportunity to raise yourself spiritually, to serve, to love, to give a helping hand, to find peace within and to bring joy and happiness to your world. Start today my friend, with your fellow beings, your family, your children, all the people that you have around you that you love, give them a helping hand, show them that you have changed, that you have brought love into your hearth, that you are a new person, that you are a child of God, and that you are of his wonderful love.

“Search first God and then everything will be added unto you.” It is a saying from the scriptures and it is true, and when you seek God and find your true self and become one in his love, in his charity, in his unconditional love for his children, then you have reached heaven within yourself, you have reached peace of mind, and you have climbed spiritually to a level where you will find God within.

Master materiality and gain spirituality.

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