7. Love your Fellow Beings

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Love unites,
Love is a precious diamond that you can have in heart,
Love is the seed from your Almighty Father that you received at birth,
Love binds people together,
Love makes friendship,
Love is of God.

Love is the union within God´s consciousness that you are part of, that you and your fellow beings are all part of, but, my friend, you do not in your physical flesh understand that you are all truly children of God, created in his picture and within his consciousness.
When you were received at birth, you became an individual and this individuality that you built up within yourself became your own personality. And so it is with every one of us. We are all separate individuals even though we are part of the same Father, of the same universal spirit.

When you seek within yourself, you will find the seed of love that was given to you at birth, this wonderful expression, this wonderful feeling, this wonderful word of love. When you nurture this seed with love for your fellow beings, you raise yourself in spirituality and you will perceive humanity as part of yourself because that is what you are, you are one, we are all one, we are one with our Father in heaven.

To be in union with your Father, you have to extend your own being with love, and when you give love, you receive love. When you on the earth plane seek materiality, you distance yourself from the spiritual expressions within. You are a spirit in a physical body, that is what you are my friend, you are a spirit covered by a physical body and you are here to learn about the earth world with its Mother Nature and human beings. Your fellow beings are part of this school because when you intermingle, you will learn from each other and from Mother Nature, all given to you by your Creator.

This is a wonderful place to learn how to control and master yourself and the passions of the earth, the passions of materiality. When you have accomplished your school of life here on earth, you will bring with you this education to the spirit world so you can take part in God’s consciousness, which is pure love. That is what you should strive for in life, love towards your fellow beings, building relationships in love. That is what you will bring with you to the spirit world, my friend, relationships of love.

God sees everything, and we in the spirit world have the ability to see through matter, to see how you behave on the earth plane. And we are messengers of God, that come to you and teach you how to behave, how to live your life how to live your life in love, how to respect each other, how to help each other, how to share, and how to find peace both within yourself and on the earth plane.

You are here on earth to build a treasure within yourself, a treasure that will be your precious diamond when you come to the spirit world, and this precious diamond is love, love that you have built up within your heart, within yourself, that will shine like the sun, like a white, bright light in the spirit world. But you can also shine upon the earth. People watch how you behave. People watch each other, how they behave, and in that manner you can walk a pathway that can be a light for your surroundings; for your family, for your friends, for everyone you meet on your pathway in life.

You might say, “How can I love my fellow beings that hurt me, that are cruel to other human beings? How can I love people that have done terrible things to other human beings, that have misbehaved in such a manner, that are impossible to love?” My friend, you must know that people of the earth plane are of different spirituality and you mingle with all these people that have different mindsets. You mingle with people that have been raised up with different qualities in life, with parents that gave love and parents that were irresponsible or did not know how to behave because love was not part of their upbringing, love that you might have received from your parents. My friend, you have to see the whole picture, and you have the resources, when you search within yourself, to help here and there according to your abilities, according to what has been given to you, but we can all be of help to each other somehow.

The treasure that you can build up within, the treasure of love you can give to other fellow beings, that have not been as fortunate as yourself, can be your mission in life. You are here for a mission, you are here to learn the school of life, you are here to give of yourself, to give love, you are here to share resources, you are here to negotiate peace, to give of yourself, we are all here for a task, and we are all given a mission in life and it is there for you to find. Your mission is certainly to help others to raise themselves spiritually, so they can see the wonders that are hidden within. Remember, you are here on earth to raise yourself and to raise your fellow beings in love.

Selfishness is a passion in life that you have to master and control, and that you have to conquer in life, because selfishness is the major obstacle in your world and the cause of hunger and war, of cruelty to mankind. Selfishness is there for you to fight, and when you find the key to the wisdom of God, you will know that you must elevate yourself above this passion in life. You must share to create peace on earth, but first of all, you must learn to love your fellow beings.

If you were fortunate with your upbringing, give a helping hand because you know that love must be shared. If you were unfortunate with your upbringing, then raise yourself in love for others, because you know that your upbringing was wrong. Then, my friend, you have elevated yourself, and you can start your journey to help and bring comfort to your fellow beings that might have been raised in similar conditions as yourself.

Your world is in despair because selfishness is lack of love for your fellow beings and is predominant in your world. You, my friend, can change this attitude of mind, because you have the knowledge, you have the wisdom, and you know why people are different and why they behave as they do. You, my friend, you must give a helping hand, then you yourself are a messenger of God, and then you yourself are an angel brought to this world as a hand of God.

Love your fellow beings, help your fellow beings, share with your fellow beings, bring wisdom to your fellow beings, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you, in goodness and in love, and you will bring peace on earth and the treasure within yourself will be beautified by your work for humankind.

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