6. The Power of Faith


There is wisdom behind everything in nature, behind everything in the universe, behind everything there is. The rose does not raise itself in its beautiful shape from nothing. All the flowers that you can enjoy in Mother Nature must have an origin.

The lion is a powerful animal, created with perfect capabilities for its life on earth. So it is with the eagle and its strong wings. So it is with the elephant and its tremendous strength, and so it is with all the beautiful creations of different capabilities that are there for a purpose in Mother Nature. Do you believe that all these diversities of specimens come by themselves?

Have a glance at yourself and your physical body that you received at birth; a body with a perfect and beautiful shape; with hands, with feet, with a head that can see, hear, taste and create words. There is wisdom behind because you know that something cannot come by itself, cannot come from nothing. It has to be developed, as you yourself develop and create in your life, and so does your Father. So has your Father done from ancient times. There is a constant evolution, nothing comes by revolution, and you are part of this history, part of the total picture, the vast creation of God.

The air, the water, the atmosphere, the oxygen you breathe in are there for you to sustain life. In return you give carbon dioxide from yourself that is used by your plants to sustain life. You are part of the life cycle, my friend. Let me say this to you that you may not be aware of: the air you are breathing in and the carbon dioxide you are breathing out are influenced by your thoughts, by your behaviour, by your deeds, because the air, as well as the water, is alive. The harmonies that you create within yourself, and that you give to your surroundings are real. You yourself are a light for others through your thoughts, your words, your expressions, because you create with your thoughts, with your expressions, with your words, as your Father has done from ancient times.

From your scriptures, it is written that in the beginning was the word, and the word was God. And that should remind you that your own words are of such vital importance. What you express to your friends, to the world, is of great importance because you yourself create the atmosphere of love, peace and harmony, first of all within your own surroundings, but also in your world, because when you all create harmony and thoughts of love, then you are sending a collective prayer out to the world to achieve these conditions in your world.

Christ has the saying that anyone who has faith will do the works that I do, because he was one with his Father. We are all of the same spirit. We are all of God, and when you have such faith as Christ had then everything is possible. Then you can heal your world, and that is what he meant by saying that even greater works you shall do. You have the power within yourself when you have faith in God.

There was a woman that touched Christ on his way one day, as you also have from your scriptures. Christ suddenly knew that someone drew a charge from him, a healing power. It was crowded with people around him, but he knew that someone had come to him with this thought that by just touching his garment, one would heal oneself. So he said, “Who touched me?” and that woman came to him and said: “I did.” “Well, my dear, your faith has healed you.” When you are connected to your Father and have faith, then everything is possible, everything, my friend. Yes, even with the faith of the smallest grain of mustard, you can move mountains. Also from the scriptures, as a parable, but it is true in a spiritual context. Your own faith is so powerful that it can change your life, that it can move mountains.

People of the earth have no knowledge of the power within themselves, and that they, by faith in their Creator, can enhance this power so they themselves can do the works that Christ did. It is a latent power, and it can be yours when you raise yourself in love for humanity, when you raise yourself to such a height where you yourself become part of God’s unconditional love. That is where you have to find yourself, in this unconditional love where you will only pour love to your world and be the hands of the Almighty Father as Christ did. The power of faith is given to you when you have raised yourself to such a height spiritually that you are one with God. Then everything is given to you, because all that is his is yours.

Have faith, my friend, and look into Mother Nature; look upon the sun that reveals itself to everyone. Investigate the beauties of nature itself, and see that there must be wisdom behind everything, and when you acknowledge that there must be a wisdom, then you are climbing the ladder of spirituality, then you will look into yourself and find the seed that you have received from your Father, that he gave to all his children, to all his creations; the small seed of mustard that can move mountains with the power of love, because faith is love, and God is love.

Let love rule your heart and have faith in God, and you will see that love, faith and God are one, and you can be part of this unity. Spiritualise your inner self, your true self, because you are a true spirit, you are a child of the Almighty Spirit, and you are given all there is to find your beauty that was given to you by God at birth.

My friend, if you only have the faith of the little grain of mustard then you have found your treasure in life, then you can find what you have been looking for in life, that was unclear to you, that you felt was missing. I can say this: that you have found what you have been missing, you have found the power of faith in words and behold these in your heart and they will evolve, the words of faith and love, and you will feel that God has started his edifice of the heaven within you. He has given you the hands to pour love over your walks in life, so you can fill your heart, so you can help wherever you can, so you can raise your fellow beings in faith and in love with the blessing of your Father in heaven. Faith is love.

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