6. Spheres


There are many spheres in life. The earth plane is a sphere where your spiritual body is covered by a physical body. When you leave this sphere, you will meet the spirit sphere, where your real self, your spiritual self belongs. The earth plane is a school of life where people are mingled into one place. In that manner you will have people of different characters and spirituality. This will in turn cause conflicts, struggles, misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

The objective of your earthly life is to reach a higher spirituality and a higher consciousness. When you come to the spirit world, you will meet the conditions that you made for yourself, by your character, spiritual development and awareness on earth. Many will cling to the earth, to the earthly conditions for a while, some for a great length of time, because their consciousness does not reach any further. These souls will develop themselves further by watching people of the earth, their mistakes and what they do to reach higher and conquer their problems. They are, however, not let alone. Spirit people of higher spirituality come and persuade spirits that are in a way bound to the earth conditions, to reach higher. Earthbound spirits have to see and experience why they are in their present condition. Spirits can show them the way, the light, and their destination, which is quite similar to their earthly conditions, but of a spiritual character. You may call this the Summerland, where we have the nature of the earth, but with more beautiful expressions. In this wonderful sphere, we have villages and cities as you have, because the thoughts of the people living there want to have the same as they had on earth, and even better conditions, and if they are suited for better conditions they will have them. They can create their conditions with their thoughts. They can create their garden and maintain it with their thoughts. Houses and buildings are all in beautiful surroundings and colours in this sphere. All created by thought. We do not have the mechanical aspect, as you have on earth. We don’t use cars, trains, planes and such mechanical forms of transportation. We don’t need this because we can go by thought. We think and there we are, from one place to another. If we will transport many spirits together, we join in to what you would call a vehicle and then move by thought to our destination. We have seas, oceans, hills, mountains, and we have boats not driven by motor, but driven by our thoughts. Everything is done by thought, because thought is substance.

There are spheres and conditions below the Summerland. These are more dark and weary. In these places people are shameful of the deeds they did on earth, but they make these conditions for themselves. Spirits from higher spheres, try to help them and send their love and understanding. Then some here and there are reached and helped. Some of these spirits enter what you would call hospitals, where care is given, and where they are helped to find solutions to their problems.

See, the thoughts and consciousness that you have acquired on earth are very strong, stronger then you can ever imagine when you are in the physical body. There are spirits here that have as their occupation to help souls that are in a way lost and need help to raise their consciousness, to work their way out of their mistakes and their misery. To find the way out of their problems they must start by asking their victims for forgiveness. They will see that by giving charity and by helping others, progress will be achieved. You reap as you sow. If you didn´t understand this before, you will now. However, there is help for everyone because we are all children of God. But there is only one path that we all ultimately have to find, and that is the path to God, which is love, unconditional love. In the spheres above Summerland, also called the third sphere, you will have spheres of the fourth fifth, sixth and seventh degree. When you reach the highest level, you become light, the light of God. In higher spheres you will meet better conditions, even more beautiful expressions of nature. You are with people that you love and that you feel at one with. From the fourth sphere, there is only love and harmony between people. When you leave the third sphere, it is difficult to have communication with the earth plane.

The higher you reach, the more responsibility, the higher consciousness and the more power you express towards the lower spheres. When you come to the fifth and sixth spheres, you will completely forget about yourself. You leave yourself behind, even though you have your individuality. There are expressions in these higher spheres that cannot be comprehended when on earth, because on these planes of life, it is not threedimensional anymore, it is four and fivedimensional universes that you become part of.

Most people that have lived a decent life will end up on the third level, the third sphere, the Summerland, and have a paradise where they feel happiness and find love and peace among the inhabitants, but there are many worlds, multiple worlds, within the different spheres. The universe is so vast. The descriptions I am giving you now, is just a small seed of comprehension of what the spirit world and its structure are like. You can only reach higher spheres of consciousness that you are fit for and that you have acquired in spirituality. However, there is progress for everyone and spirits from higher spheres come with their love and help to their fellow beings by teaching them how to increase their consciousness toward God and unconditional love.

Spirituality, my friends, is the key to your travel in the spirit world that will determine where you can travel and find peace and love in your hearts. Spirituality is your spiritual intelligence, the intelligence that you need to reach higher consciousness, to reach and find the path towards the light and God.

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