6. Sacrifice


Many have done noble things in their lives, many sacrifices.

In your mind there is a human being, a man from Nazareth, that you call the Christ. He made his sacrifice by the cross. He tried to bring forward the truth of life to the earth plane. He in his time did not come across, the way that we would like to come across to you. He was seen as an opponent, against the power of the earth, to people in higher positions of the earth. He wanted to tell you of the good things from heaven from the Almighty. He had received the blessings from our side, the spiritual lesson and knew what the important things were. He said: “My Father and I are one”, and that is so true, because we have all God inside us. We are part of God.

“Heaven, you find inside you”, he also said, and – “I am the Light, the Way and the Truth”. All these lessons that he put forward, are the truth of life. We are God because we have all the seed of love inside us, the seed from the Almighty. When we move and break the barrier, from materiality to spirituality, we become one with our Father, we become the light of the world, and we show the way to others. We tell the truth, and we are the truth, because love and honesty is of the same. We truly become one with God.

Well, my friend, you raise yourself after physical death. That is the truth of life. Christ came back in materialized form, which is also part of life. He was not the first and not the last materialised being that showed the world that life goes on, that, even when the physical body becomes dust, your spiritual being comes into the new life where truly God makes himself open for you and shows you that what you sowed you reaped. Many human beings on earth have conquered the material aspect and increased their spiritual being in awareness of God. They see that this is part of their mission in life. Christ sacrificed himself. He did not want to turn away from God. His love for God was greater than his love for materiality. He was tempted as we are, as we all are, but then it is there for you to manage, to penetrate and to win over your material passions and instincts. Even if you do what you consider to be the smallest thing on earth, helping someone in despair, using your time and your effort to bring good thoughts and love, then you are sacrificing yourself. All good deeds are sacrifices.

Sacrifice, my friend give love and create peace on your pathway. Making sacrifices is a wonderful thing, because you help others and then in turn you help yourself. By making sacrifices you build up the beauty inside your spiritual being.

The world is in despair. There is so much selfishness and so little sacrifice. We from this side share with you in this message, telling you that sacrifice and selfishness are two poles of the opposite ends. Sacrifice is love for your fellow beings. Sacrifice is love for God, and sacrifice can make you a better world. God wants you to be happy, to live in peace and love each other. That´s all he wants for you.

My friend, God cried when the Nazarene was brutally killed on the cross. Likewise, God cries when he sees violence towards his children. Your Father in heaven, the Great White Spirit as we know him, is love, and he has given you free will to conquer all bad things on earth, and he rejoices when he sees love amongst you, because in love you are in him. Follow his light, that´s the meaning of life, to be in his picture, to be the light for others, above all. We love you, because we love humanity. We forgive, we are patient, and we are humble servants of the Almighty.

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