6. Physical Mediumship

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There is a living force behind everything. This force is of God, and this force is love. Christ himself had to materialise and show himself to his friends, to his disciples, to show and to teach them that life goes on, that even though he had left his physical body, he was still alive. He was in human form still. He had to show his hand to Thomas, the doubter, that his hand had been penetrated by the nail on the cross. Then Thomas said: “That, it is you master”.

They were sitting in love, because love must prevail for materialisation and for Christ himself to be able to materialise to his friends. This episode in life and the wonder of coming back and showing oneself in materialised form, has been done from ancient times and is done even today when you have love and when you have mediums that can exteriorise the living force, so discarnate spiritual beings, that have been on earth and have left their bodies, can come back and use this living force to materialise themselves.

My friend, this is physical mediumship. Christ showed the way and used the living force to show himself, the living force of God, the love from God. From your scriptures you also have Moses and Elijah, where they materialised, where they used the living force. They had, in communion with Christ and his friends, the right atmosphere, the living force between them that was needed to show themselves, to be able to communicate. This is not a miracle; this is nature’s law. Where love is the fundament between friends, everything is possible; love creates the living force to raise the communion given to you by God with his blessings.

This living force can also be applied to vitalise objects, material objects of the earth, because everything, and I say everything, is created by this living force. It is created by God, everything is created by God. Then, it may be easier to understand that this living force can create all there is on this planet, because God is the Creator, from the infinitely small to the endless universe.

When we, from this side, use the living force to vitalise a table that we communicate through to you, that we can apply for communication, where we can lift the table and give you thuds on the floor, where we can lift the table to your lap and comfort you when you ask for your loved ones, where we can have the table dance to music, then you yourself can observe that everything is possible in the hands of the Almighty.

We know that you are either sceptical to psychic phenomena or you are in a position to explore and are grateful for having the opportunity within the atmosphere of love to open the door to us and communicate, to build the Bridge of Love between us.

Psychic phenomena may take many forms. You have termed the communication when you hear voices from midair a ‘voice box’, because we are able to manipulate this vital force and make a vocal organ. Then we are able to commune with you through this voice box. We don’t need to materialise in full. This vital force you have also termed Ectoplasm. It looks like a whitish fluid or tissue when you see it yourself, but to us it is the vital force.

Everything in the communication with us must be done in a blackened environment, because white light brings the material world inside. On the Bridge of Love, we are in the womb of the mother where darkness prevails, where you may use a tiny small red light to observe, but in the womb of the mother darkness must prevail for the child to grow, to be in peace and love with its mother, and so it is with the communion with us. You cannot expect to have full light as you have in the material world, as you have in the daylight, because then you are not on the Bridge of Love between our two worlds.

We need the right conditions to be able to commune with you. We on this side ask you to study and explore with a cautious mind, because everything must be done in love. Yes, with your material mind, you may have the scepticism, as you should have with your logic and reasoning, but be open for new adventures and explore the beauties of the spiritual world in love. Love must prevail, and I say this to you, that God is love and our communion is in love, and it is blessed by the Almighty Father. He wants his children to be happy on either side of the veil, on the earth plane and the spirit world. He wants us to be in communion with each other when love prevails. He has made this opportunity. He has made the door open when you seek, because when you seek you shall find and “you shall do the works that I do and greater works than I you shall do”, an expression you know so well from Christ.

My friend, physical mediumship is there for you to explore. When you conquer the selfishness of this world, when you conquer the despair of this world of yours, then the communion between our two worlds, the Bridge of Love between you and us will be as natural as your own communication in the material world.

Love is the mightiest force in the universe, and the living force is part of God, because God is unconditional love. Let the power of love meet your own seed of love within yourself, the spirit within that is part of God and part of the living energy. Let it blossom and flourish. Pray to God and ask for his guidance, and he will start operating in you. Lift yourself up spiritually to see and have the spiritual awareness, to see that the communion between the worlds is part of God and his creation. Let love reign over your heart, so you can be a light for others to follow, a light, a bright light for the world.

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