6. Make the World Unselfish


The world was given to humankind for its evolution, for you to evolve, for you to raise yourself spiritually, for you to gain knowledge, for you to understand yourself, for you to become one with God in his love, in his consciousness of love, in his unconditional love for you.

Selfishness is a passion that is there on the material plane to master, for you to raise yourself above, for you to gain understanding of, to gain wisdom of yourself and of how the world can prosper, can develop and evolve from its despair, suffering and catastrophes, to the planet it was meant to be, the beautiful blue planet where people understand nature’s law, the law of cause and effect, where people know that love must prevail for you to heighten your true self and for you to raise your world beyond the material aspect of living only, because it is in spirituality you will create heaven on earth, it is when you leave selfishness behind that heaven will descend upon you and your earth.

My friend, when you know that there is no death, when you know that you only leave your physical body behind when you leave this earth plane, and when you have this wisdom within yourself, when you have this wisdom as your true self, then, my friend, you have raised yourself spiritually, because you have the knowledge, you know the answer for yourself and for the world: to make your world unselfish, because when you have this answer within yourself, when you have the truth of life, that there is no end and that you are an eternal being, then heaven on earth will be your truth. That is what people will have to understand, that is what people will have to know to make your world unselfish.

There is no death, so make yourself unselfish and the traces that you are making on the earth plane will be transparent in the world that is coming to you when you leave this physical plane. Altruism is the answer for bringing harmony to your world. When you sacrifice yourself, when you give of yourself and give love on your pathway in life, then you become altruistic in your behaviour, like animals that put themselves at a disadvantage in favour of their kind when they leave a warning cry that reveals their position to their predator. That is the animal instinct, and you, my friend, have the human instinct. Shouldn´t you raise yourself above the animals in intellect, in the wisdom of your Father? Be a public spirit, be a spirit that goes forward for the welfare of humanity, discarding yourself and your own needs. And I do not say that you should not have comfort in your life and your needs fulfilled to sustain your life, no, my friend, I mean that you should leave your selfish thoughts behind, so you can be an angel on the earth plane where you show kindness and sweetness towards your fellow beings, and when people regard you as such, then you have climbed the ladder towards your Father, then you have gained the knowledge of love that must prevail for your world to raise itself.

On the Bridge of Love, you will find the answer to life, the truth of life, but nothing will come to you if you do not sacrifice yourself, and by sacrifice I mean that you must humble yourself, be selfless and become love yourself. Then you can meet us on the Bridge of Love in communion with your friends and loved ones where love is the dominant atmosphere, where love is of God that builds the bridge between our two worlds. When there is communion in love, then your Father in heaven will be there and build the bridge with his own hands, and that is the only way for communion between our two worlds, where you can find the truth of life, where you can find your true self, where you will find the door to heaven, where you can take part in the healing work of your world and of yourself. Everything is correlated and that is why you need to have the full perspective of life. You will see that you must be in total balance and interaction with Mother Nature for this world to prosper, for giving a beautiful life for the next generations, for your children.

Religions of your world have been given by prophets from ancient times, but remember from the scriptures that love is the law of all the prophets, everything rests on this law, and that is so true. The religions have the truth of life when they regard love as foremost, as the revelation from God, because God is love. The writings from ancient times have been misinterpreted over time and that is why there are texts that are not of love, and that is something you must revise and rectify because within religions you can raise people when they receive the right perspective in life, when they all see that love is the answer because God is love, and that is the only law in the universe, the one message to the world. Reveal this word of love, and you reveal God, and when you have love within yourself then you can be his hands, because then you are one, you are one with God when you fulfil yourself inside out with his power of light, because everything is of love, everything is made out of love, and it is difficult for you to comprehend when you live your life on the material plane, but thought is substance and is as real as you, and love is substance.

Let love be the power that raises your world, leave selfishness behind and find the pathway for your world to prosper for the next generations, for leaving your own traces behind that you can be proud of when you leave this physical plane. Because then you will leave behind a beautiful flowering garden, a garden that will be crowned by your Father when you have been part of the mission of bringing heaven to earth.

Beyond your earthly death, there can be a beautiful heaven for you, because what you create on earth is what you will receive in the world beyond, the heaven you create within yourself. It is your own mind that is not of the physical kind, but the mind you are, and this will be your heaven as it is on earth, where you find tranquillity of mind, where you find happiness and where you find love within yourself, because when you are connected to your Father you will be of his love and you will find peace of mind.

His mind is of supreme love and peace and that is where you want to stay, that is where you will eventually find yourself when you have climbed spiritually and heightened yourself as Christ did. You can be as he was. He was a human being, and he climbed the ladder of spirituality and found oneness with his Father, and that is what you as well can attain to. You can be as he was because Christ was love, and you can be love, you can be one in God, in love. Christ started his journey for bringing heaven on earth, he told the truth, he was a light for the world, he showed the way, but you, in your material life, have forgotten the love that he told about, and selfishness is the major obstacle to finding your way back to this beautiful treasure that he gave people, and that you can have, that can bring heaven to the earth plane and to yourself.

Now, my friend, it is your turn to bring this light forward, the light of Christ, the light of God, the light of love. Let love reign over your world and let the truth shine forth. There is no death. Make your world unselfish, and heaven will descend upon you and your beautiful blue planet.

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