6. Honesty


In all walks of life you will meet stony roads, and when you stop for a moment and take a closer view, you will see that the stones are of different forms and structure. They have all experienced different episodes in life, they have all a memory within themselves, they are all alive in this universe, they have all an origin, and so it is with you my friend. We have all different experiences and views of life, but we are all part of the earth, of the whole.

For some a stone may have a special meaning, for others it is just a stone that hurts their feet when they walk on it. You see, all stones have within them a message and you can be in a position to read the ancient history of a particular stone when you have climbed the ladder of spirituality. If that has not yet become your pathway, the stone is merely a stone and you cannot perceive what the particular stone has experienced in life.

So it is when you look at a person, because a person may be a precious diamond, but you cannot see it with your physical eyes. A person may have inner qualities that you cannot perceive before you discover and view the person as a whole.

A stone and its physical elements can be discovered by means of a microscope or xray technology. Similarly, you can with xrays discover diseases in the physical body, you can see if there is a fracture in a bone, but you cannot in any way explore the mind of a person with your technology. No, my friend, then you have to use your insight, your empathy, your psychological mindedness; you have to use your own experience in life to evaluate and to judge other human beings. Yes, you can do that by watching their behaviour, but that is not sufficient, you have to explore the whole, the human mind, because we have all been raised in different ways in life. Some were fortunate to have good parents that gave harmony and love, and others were not that fortunate.

If you love someone you will not be dishonest to them, and you will be mindful when you share your thoughts, because that is love. It is not always wise to say all that is in your mind, even though you regard it as being honest. We perceive the world in different ways and with different attitudes of mind, and that is why we always have to be mindful with our thoughts, thoughts towards other human beings.

Honesty is a word of honour,
Honesty is loyalty,
Honesty is truthfulness,
Honesty is love.

First of all, my friend, you must be honest with yourself. You must go deep inside yourself and ask this question: “Do I behave with honesty? Am I truthful to myself?” If you can say a definite ‘yes’, then my friend, you have an inner quality that you should share with others. You should be a light for others giving this inner quality of truthfulness to all.

When you are honest with yourself, you will be honest with others. Honesty is a beautiful word of quality, but it must be in the sphere of love, because honesty and love go hand in hand.

When you truly love someone, then you are truly honest to that person. You behave in a manner where you want to fulfil yourself; want to give that person the truth of yourself. Remember that selfishness, a heavy passion of life, is contrary to honesty, because if you are only thinking about yourself, then you are not honest with yourself, because you are part of the whole, you are part of God’s creation and God´s children share with each other, because we have love for each other. That is the mind of our Father. In his mind there is pure love and when you become part of his consciousness, of his wisdom, then honesty and truthfulness will be part of yourself.

God is giving you love that you should share with others, and when you give of yourself then you receive, because what you do unto others you do unto yourself. That is the law of cause and effect. When you are dishonest towards others, then you are dishonest to yourself. When you are truthful to others, you are truthful to yourself. You see, it is correlated, it has to be of the same because you are one; you are one with all, with your Father in heaven, with humanity and with Mother Nature. You are not separate from the whole; you are part of the whole. Remember this, my friend, that what you do unto others, you do unto yourself.

Every one of us would like to have an honest friend, a friend that shares with you their life in truthfulness. You sometimes say to your friend: “Are you honest with me now, are you telling me the truth?” And likewise your friend is asking you the same question. From experience of mutual truthfulness, you gain trust as true friends. Honesty becomes a word of honour between you and love gives the fundament of this trust. So it is with friendship. You build up trust, you build up honesty, and you build up an atmosphere of love.

Trust can be broken with a single word, so be careful with your words, be honest and truthful in your life, and you do not need to remember what you have said, because all your spoken words are of the truth. Then you can have peace of mind. Truthfulness and honesty give you peace of mind, but remember that love must be part of this picture, because you must be mindful towards the people you love, towards the friends you love.

Love is the answer to rectify your mistakes, to rectify dishonest behaviour, to rectify untruthfulness. And in love you raise the people that you have hurt, and you purify yourself by giving love. Then you have the blessing of your Father in heaven.

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