6. God

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God is love,
God is the supreme power of the universe,
The wisdom,
The creative force.
God is everything,
God is transcendental,
God is omnipresent,
God is the air you breathe in,
God is in every atom
Within yourself, in the universe, the stars, the planets,
The force that brings everything into harmony
Is of God, is of Love.

You were made out of this love,
You were created by this power
That knows everything,
The past, the present, the future,
God is within your self,
God is there waiting, waiting for your spark of the divine,
Waiting for the flower to raise itself from the mould.

God is love,
God has given you life here on earth
To evolve,
To raise yourself,
To raise yourself towards the sunlight of love,
His love for you all.

Heaven is within,
God is within,
Love is within.
Find that seed of love that brought you to this world,
The seed that is of love,
That is of free will,
This seed that you need to master in life,
This seed that you have to nourish, to bring alive,
To raise from the mould, the love that keeps you alive,
The power of the universe itself.

God is love,
God is unconditional love,
The love that you can find within yourself,
The love that created you and I,
The love that creates the beautiful flowers,
Flowers with a beautiful scent of love
Brought to you by God in his love for you all,
For you to find joy and happiness on earth,
For you to find the wisdom of love,
For you to evolve into love yourself.

Become love
And you become one with God.
Become love and you find your treasure within,
The treasure that leads you in his consciousness of beauty,
Where you find peace of mind,
Where you find your divine being,
The spirit within,
The spirit that can never die, that is everlasting, know that, only life.

No anger,
No hatred,
No jealousy,
No selfishness,
No vanity,
No misuse of power,
Your divine being is of love,
Be of love towards your fellow beings.

Create love on your pathway in life,
Be just and honest.
That is the beauty that you have within yourself, that is of God.
God is the supreme love, the supreme power.

Care, Share, Love.

A beautiful expression that is of God, that is of love that is of heaven,
Brought to you from the world beyond,
The wisdom of life,
The wisdom of God,
The wisdom of love.

God is love.

God bless you, my friend, and keep love in your heart.
Let love be your life on earth.

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