6. A Rose


Behold heaven within yourself, behold this beauty, the spirit, that you can transform to a beautiful rose, a garden of roses, a garden of such beauty, of such wonderful colours that you have from the sight of your roses on earth; the red, the white, the yellow, the purity of the colours of such a wonderful flower.

My friend, hold a rose in your hand, watch the stem, the green colour of the stem with its thorns. Lift your sight towards the beautiful creation with all its petals formed as a rosette, created in harmony. The petals, as beautiful leaves that look like hearts, form the treasure, the beauty of God´s creation. Look further into the centre of the rose, and you see the sun smiling at you, saying to you: GOD BLESS YOU MY FRIEND. Be mindful with the thorns when you prepare a bouquet of this beautiful flower, because the thorns are there for you to recall the struggles that you have been through, the struggles that are there on the earth plane, that you all have to overcome. But when you climb the stem, towards the beautiful creation, towards the sun smiling at you, bringing the blessing from your heavenly Father, then my friend, you have reached the wisdom and love that a rose can give you on your path in life.

The white rose: the innocence, the beautiful purity of life. The red rose: the heart of your self, the love and the passion of your Father. The yellow rose: the sunlight reminding you of its nutrition, its vitamins for the earth plane, for the warmth, for the smile, for the happiness and joy you can have. The rose: the beauty of love that you can admire, that you can reach within yourself, the spirit of God.

The creation of a rose is of God, cannot be made by man on earth. Remember this, my friend, remember this beautiful creation, and behold this beauty in your heart because it is a symbol of love from God, a symbol given to you by his creation, the love that he has brought to your world. Let the rose be a sign for you to recall God’s wisdom, God’s love for humanity, made perfect.

The rose is there for you to nourish, for you to bring water, so it can raise itself from the small seed. Likewise your spirit needs this nourishment, this water of love, that you can bring to yourself through helping your fellow beings, helping humankind to raise itself spiritually, to become a rose, every one of you, in the eyes, in the creation, of God.

But you, as the rose, need the nutrition of love, to become the beauty of love. Imagine yourself what you can create within you, a heaven, a garden of roses of different colours made in such a manner that you yourself find peace of mind, the love that you are part of as a spirit of God. That is your paradise, my friend, a paradise of roses made by yourself on earth by bringing love on your pathway in life. When a rose can give you so much beauty, imagine the beauty your Father has brought to you within at birth for you to become his child on earth. Find this beauty within, and become love yourself. Love is of God. And his love is for all, all children on earth.

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