58. Trust in God


God is love. God is pure love, unconditional love. So, my friend, when you trust in God, you trust in love. And you know that love between people creates conditions for honesty, truthfulness, for commitment, for complete confidence. Trust is love.

In your world, on the earth plane, you have the revelation of God, the love from God in every specimen, every part of Mother Nature, and you have the spirit within yourself that is of God. You see God is revealed to you every day, the love that he gave to you, to your Planet Earth, and to all his children on the earth plane, but it is there hidden within you, this beauty that he gave you at birth, as a small grain, as a seed for you to nourish, for you to bring forward to your brothers and sisters as love for your Father.

When you see the misery on your planet, the suffering and the poverty that exist, that are revealed to you through your television sets and radio channels every day, they are humanmade, they are not of God, because God is love. And what you see in your world of inhumanity is the passions of human beings that cannot control their behaviour, that have not raised themselves from the material level of being where selfishness is a major obstacle for climbing the ladder of spirituality. You are here on the earth plane to master the passions that hold you down, that prevent you from bringing clarity to mind, prevent you from the trust in God, the love that you can see in Mother Nature, because when these passions hold you down they make you blind, they conceal the truth of life, even though the revelation from your Father is up there in the daylight and everyone can see its beauties, the wonderful world that you are part of. When you meet a kind individual, an individual that cares and brings love to you and your fellow beings, you term that individual an angel, an angel of love. Well, my friend, you have angels on the earth plane, as you have in heaven, good spirits that wish you well, that bring love to your world, that bring the wisdom of God to your world. You can meet these angels on the Bridge of Love. You can meet the wisdom of God on the Bridge of Love.

We can have communion with you, we that are discarnate beings that walked upon the earth in the past. We have had the experience on the earth plane as you yourself, and we know that there is only one path to bring heaven on earth, and that is through love, that is trust in God, to trust in love.

God made you, even though it is difficult to comprehend, but when you look into the microscope and see the small cell that fertilises the egg and brings a new creation, a new human being to the earth plane, you must understand that there is more to life than you can see with your physical eyes. In the world beyond that you will take part in when you leave your physical plane, you will see the love that we create with, the love, the power of the universe. We see God and his power, because we apply this power to create our own world. We are of this power when we become love ourselves, when we become the trust, when we become in oneness of our Father and our Mother, because that is our parents, that is our Creator, that is ourselves, because we are of the same spirit, we are of God. You are all of the same spirit, but you set yourselves apart, you create separateness when you let the passions of the material plane hold you down, the passions that are of the negative sort, the passions of selfishness, greed, vanity, dishonesty. When you trust in God, you trust in love, and when you become love yourself, you become part of this power that created the universe, that created all there is. Love is everything; love is all there is, because all is made out of love.

All has been given to you on the earth plane to find the truth of life, all is there for you and your evolution to find peace and create peace and love on earth, to create a harmonious family on the earth plane for the human race.

Trust in God, trust in love and you will create a planet of love. Beautify yourself by raising yourself in love, in love for your brothers and sisters on the earth plane, so you can be a light, so you can show the way, so you can bring a peaceful and harmonious life for the next generation, for your children, for the children of God.

God bless you all, children of the earth. Make yourself beautiful. Make your earth beautiful. Make your earth into a heavenly place, a union of love for all.

You are all children of the same Father, the same Creator, the same God. You are one human family on the earth plane, and you are all part of the same spirit. God is love, trust in God.


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