55. World Justice

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God made your Planet Earth. He made your earth by love. He made a just world, an equitable and just world. He made Planet Earth with the resources for every child, for all the people, to have their needs fulfilled. Injustice in your world is humanmade. The hands of the people of the earth plane create injustice in your world. God made this beautiful earth, this blue planet, for you to bring forth his justice, his love for you, his love for you all, the children of the earth plane, the children of Mother Earth. You are here on the earth plane to fulfil yourself, to fulfil his task to bring love to every child on this planet.

When you look upon the earth plane and see the revelation in Mother Nature, the beauties that are there, it cannot come from nothing, it is of the creation, the creation of God made in love for you so you could find this beautiful place to raise your children, to create an atmosphere of love and peace among brothers and sisters, among nations.

The sun reveals itself to you every day, and it does not differentiate between any of you that are living on this earth plane. And that is the wisdom that you should find within yourself, the wisdom of love that God is unconditional love, that God has given everyone the opportunity to share with each other, to give to each other unconditionally.

World justice is there for you to create on earth by freedom, by equality, by charity, by the knowledge that you are one big family, a human family where everyone will have to take responsibility, will have to share responsibility for your planet to prosper, to become healthy, to bring fortune to everyone. Selfishness and inequality will only bring a gap between the poor and the rich and that is not respect for each other, that is the contrary, that is disrespect, that is dishonesty to the creation, dishonesty to your Creator, to just take care of your own desires, your own self.

To create peace and security for every child on this earth plane you have an indispensable organisation in your world: the United Nations. That is there for you all to embrace and to become in compliance with its rules for society, for a fair, equitable society, where everyone is given the same opportunities, the same challenges, the same form of development for a decent dignified life. The United Nations is there to create peace, harmony and love among its neighbours, among its nations, so all the children of the earth can have this house where they can have shelter from the abuse of systems that do not care for their citizens, where they can have shelter from cruelty and violence, from the misbehaviour of people in your world.

People do not have the knowledge that they survive the physical death, that they will meet themselves in the door in the world beyond and see what they themselves created out of their lives on earth. There is no death and this knowledge, this wisdom of life, will come to the world. You can create a world with prudence, with the precepts of the wisdom of God. Because the rule of law must be obeyed by all states, by all nations, to bring harmony, peace and a charitable life for everyone.

My friend, know this: that you are here on earth to find the balance, that you are here to help each other to find your way back to the love that you were born with, the love from your Father that you are made of, the elements of the universe, the elements of God, the power of love.

The wealthy in your world cannot bring their wealth to the world beyond, so the time is when you are on earth to share its resources so your world can find its balance, can find its compliance with nature’s laws, because, as you can see from Mother Nature, God gives everyone, every specimen, every flower, every tree, the same conditions of life, God gives everyone, every specimen, the conditions where they prosper, where they can have a peaceful life, where they can give birth to the next generation, for themselves to decay peacefully and give nutrition for the newborn seeds, so there can be a beautiful continual creation in the kingdom of Mother Nature. It is a revelation to the human race for you to see how you should take care of each other, because eventually every one of you will go to the world beyond and leave your physical body behind.

Provide a sustainable life for children that are coming after you, for the next generations, for the descendants. It is your responsibility, every one of you that can contribute to a peaceful and equitable world, a world of justice, it is your responsibility to raise your world towards love and peace, towards everyone in the human race.

The Planet Earth, your beautiful, blue planet is there for you to enjoy, for you to find a decent life where children can play and be happy and feel secure. That is what you wish for your children, that is what we all wish for our children. Then, my friend what are you waiting for? Start your mission today to create a world of peace and harmony, a world where justice prevails, justice for all.

God bless you, and God bless your mission in your world, the mission for justice.

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