54. World Social and Economic Development

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The population of your world will have a tremendous increase in the next half century. The growth that you are experiencing and the energy consumption that follows in this path have a major impact on the climate of your planet and, in turn, on the population of your planet, on Mother Nature and its changes, the changes in the ecological system. There is a huge gap between the poor and the rich and this gap will increase if you do not manage, control and mitigate changes in climate conditions and in the use of fossil energies, because they are the main causes creating the imbalance of the inflow and the outflow of energy of your planet. That, in turn, as you know from your climate science, will increase the temperature and will cause tremendous difficulties for you and in particular those in the coastal areas, and people that are poor and do not have the necessary infrastructure will suffer most. You have the technology, you have the resources to manage these challenges, but, my friend, you have to share, you have to give to the undeveloped countries, so they can benefit from the same discovery that you have made based on your resources that you have acquired over the last centuries. You have to diminish the gap, you have to give to the poor, the people in these countries, so they can develop and climb the ladder towards growth and a decent life. You have to give a helping hand to create equality, to make poverty a thing of the past.

There are many roads to follow; there are many initiatives that you can make. Agriculture, small farming, is one of them, because in that manner you will give the opportunity for people to manage themselves, to grow, to raise their families, to find a good life for many people. The gap between the rich and the poor is there for you to solve because when you have the truth of life that there is no death, that you are all children of God, that you are eternal beings, you cannot watch people that are in poverty, that do not have the necessary nutrition for their lives here on earth, without helping them. That gap must be eradicated, and it will be, when you all see the change in your world, when you understand the truth of life, that there is a world beyond, that you are just one dimension, and that you are here on earth to create a harmonious family that take care of each other.

The United Nations is a body that can reach multilateral agreements between nations so they can raise people from their misery, their present stage of being, where they all can have the necessary investments for their infrastructure, for their growth, for international trade and growth. You must aid the countries, the nations, that are poor, that need to have a helping hand to lift themselves, to have the right conditions for growth, in their own farming, in their own lives. Open the borders so all can benefit, so all can share their resources, so that people can have the same conditions for reaching a better life, for creating a better world.

The United Nations can do wonders if they are given the resources, if they are given the means to create peace and tranquillity in your world, and that is made by providing conditions for a sustainable life for everyone, for creating social progress and economic development for all. Inequality in your world is the main obstacle that hinders you in achieving a better, sustainable world.

Innovation and technology will have to take a major role in improving the world’s sustainability and protection for the people that are born to your world. If you are to keep up with the increased population, you will have to find other ways of providing for energy consumption and production. Renewable energy with the sun and the wind will have to prevail if you are to find a healthy condition for your planet in the future. Because fossil energy will create catastrophes in your world if you do not control your emissions, if you do not change in behaviour regarding exploitation and misuse in such a manner that you provide unsatisfactory conditions for nature.

Social and economic development is in your hands. It is manageable for your world if you use your reasoning, your logic, and your intellect, and do not let selfishness your own selfish desires prevail when making decisions for the people, the population of your world. You must regard all the children on earth as one big family, as brothers and sisters, and you must give everyone the same opportunity, the same potential for growth as you have yourself, so all can bring their effort for a sustainable planet for the children that are coming to this world, that was created by your Father in heaven, that was created out of the power of love. Let the power of love drive your world, your innovation, your technology, drive your intentions for creating a better world for all.

God made your planet, and you are all of the same spirit, you are eternal beings, and you are here on earth to raise yourselves spiritually, to find the truth of life, to create a peaceful world out of the same power that your Father created your world the power of love. That is the answer to achieve social and economic development, to share your resources, to give a helping hand, to provide charity, to create equality between the people in your world, to find solutions that benefit all and your Planet Earth.

It is now time to make a turn, to make a change in the world’s selfish desire, because this selfish desire will not create a planet where social and economic development can be achieved. A wealthy planet is created with a harmonious family where love is the core of living in your lives. You have the results of climate change, you have the knowledge of eradicating poverty, you have the knowledge of social progress and economic development, of growth in your world based on a sound ecological system, you have the knowledge that is required for bringing your planet into the right condition, it is time to make that action, to take the initiative and turn the behaviour of the decision makers of the population today.

Political leaders have tremendous responsibility and with the United Nations as an organised body for fronting this cause, for creating the right conditions for a suitable social and economic development, they have the means for solving issues unanimously. The United Nations is your home where you meet with your big family, where you give the right directions for a wealthy planet, where all the children of this family can make the foundation for a decent life, a life in peace and love for each other.

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