53. World Security

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When people think about security they normally have the police enforcement in their mind, and their military for taking care of their national borders. But security embraces much more than just this word of protection.

In your world there is so much poverty, so much despair, so much suffering, and food security is a major problem when you have such a tremendous number of people that do not have the necessary nutrition for their lives. People need to have their basic necessities fulfilled; they need to have achieved education so they can put growth into their lives, their own lives and their families, so they can manage themselves. There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor in your world, and this inequality is contributing to insecurity, because this difference, this distance between poverty and wealth is contributing to discomfort, to anger and to hatred.

The United Nations is in a position where it can reach mutual interest, multilateral agreements and understanding of the security of your world. The United Nations has the Security Council where the major countries are seated, but they have to collaborate and fulfil the mission of every country for creating peace, for building peace, for keeping peace, for bridging the countries together in harmony. Then, of course it is useless to ask countries that are in trouble, that have people that are suffering, to behave when the people of the wealthy nations are giving instructions that are not in compliance with equality in your world. It is useless for a Security Council to establish peace in your world if they do not have the means for such peaceful efforts, and those means are security for food, security for comfort, for helping people that are misfortunate, for helping countries out of misery, to open channels of trade with such countries, so they can grow, so they can heighten themselves and bring fortune and equality to their people as do other welldeveloped countries. You see, equality is the answer to create permanent peace, equality where the wealthy organisations, the wealthy countries, share resources with the less fortunate, with countries that need to be given the necessary obligations to fulfil themselves.

Disarmament in your world is of tremendous value because the proliferation of mass destruction weapons has given your world an arsenal of conflicts. They are there for you to diminish, for you to take out of function, for you to replace with charity, with helpfulness and kindness, with peaceful negotiations where you share your resources, where you help people, where you help the children that are as important as yourself, children of God. You are of the same importance, all of you, because you are spirits of God, you are eternal beings, and you are here on earth to learn and to practise, to find yourself and to create peace and love on your pathway in life.

The United Nations should consolidate their aims, their resources; they should build an organisation where all the parts in that machinery are oiled with love for all. My friend, love is a word in your world that is not often used in either the commercial or the public sector, because that is a word that belongs to the family. That is what they think, but the word love is the power of the universe, and you will benefit in every mission and task that you have if you keep this word of love within yourself, if you pronounce this word of love to your opponents, if you establish meetings with this word of love, of kindness, of friendliness, of charity. You will see that the meetings will be shaped in such an atmosphere. Let that word be painted in the centre of your negotiations.

Remember that you were made yourself out of this force, out of this power, out of love, because that is God, and you can use this power to create peace, to create security, to create world security. Reflect on this word in every manner that you perform your work, in every department in the United Nations, let this word prevail before entering the rooms of conflicts. This is the wisdom from heaven. We that are on this side of life, we know that love is the power that we create our world with on this side. We know the power of this word. We know what it can do to your Planet Earth when you fulfil yourself, fulfil your mission, with this in mind.

Humanmade climate change is a huge responsibility that you need to control with climate change mitigation, and when you bring love for your brothers and sisters into climate change resolution, you will act differently, because you know that climate change affects all of you, and will affect world security. So, my friend, world security is an engine that runs your world. Fuel this engine by love. This is the voice from White Bear, speaking to the people of the earth from the world beyond. I cannot form more words telling you how important it is to put more weight on this word, the word of love. I do not know how to put this forward to you in any other way. We know that love is the only answer to bring your Planet Earth into a secure and lovely place so you can have heaven on earth.

My friend, when you, after this working day go back to your family and look your children in their eyes, and you see them when they smile at you and they ask you: “Why are you looking at me in that manner?” Well, my friend, you look at them with love, and they feel your love, they feel your compassion for them. Let this remind you what love can do when you meet your opponents in solving conflicts, let your eyes be of love.

Create world security with love, love for all children on the earth plane.

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