52. World Climate


Your beautiful, blue planet has a protection in its atmosphere, protection from the radiation of the sun, protection for keeping the balance of energy on your planet, your globe. This atmosphere is vulnerable to the impact of the greenhouse effect, the greenhouse gases, in particular the carbon dioxide that your industry, your energy for the world, produces. And you have all the facts from your own science telling you that you are overexposing the atmosphere, the ecological system of the earth, due to the energy consumption of your world and not having climate mitigation for straining this exploitation of nature itself. You know from the facts that you have obtained, that the sea level will rise, that the increase in temperature will have a major impact and impair the ecological system. It will have a tremendous effect on weather, on water, on animals, on the life of the specimens of your world, not least the human populations that are on the coast line, because glaciers will melt and contribute to less water for the circulation of fresh water to your earth.

The climate change that you are so well aware of, that you hesitate to take action towards, will bring to you such impact that you will understand one day that you did not fulfil your task, that the political leaders did not take it seriously. You are building up the greenhouse effect that will last for centuries, and you must take action now to prevent further damage. The United Nations should take a leadership position in this climate change, in climate mitigation to enhance the effort for sustaining the ecological system, for sustaining life on the earth plane.

Specimens will disappear from the earth plane, due to the rise in temperature and you yourself are responsible for the change in your environment, in your life, so, my friend, you that are reading this let your voice be heard. The climate experts of your world know the answer; they know what kind of effect your energy consumption will cause to the climate. The carbon dioxide you all see every day, must be brought to a level that can be balanced, that can balance the energy level in the atmosphere, what is taken in and what is been brought out. It has to reach equilibrium and that is something that you should have as your most important focus in the next decade. The United Nations can reach multilateral agreements between nations, and the nations that are in front can take position, and take the necessary actions for bringing the fundament for a sustainable climate evolution.

Climate change is inevitable. It is caused by the industry from the last two hundred years, and it has now exploded in such a manner that you will need to enhance your effort for bringing the fact into reality, the fact that your globe will suffer if you do not take action for reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, for preventing forests from destruction, because the forest is also part of the ecological system that absorbs carbon dioxide. All are in one unit and all parts needs to run smoothly, as in an engine where gears are operating together for the engine to work. Tune up that engine in your world so it will give the opening for renewable energies, where wind, sun and sea can be the next generation of energy sources.

Your technology should be concentrated on renewable energies, because the energies of the universe are there for you to employ in your energy consumption on Planet Earth. The sun drives your world, and in that energy source you will find all you need in all diversities of sources. The sun is driving the wind power, the sun is driving the ocean the waves and the temperature and all this is power that you can apply in your technology in your world for providing energy to the people.

Unfortunately, people of the earth will have to see catastrophes before they understand that climate change is a fact, that climate change is inevitable with this energy consumption you have of fossil energies, but the world climate can be reversed if you provide mitigation for a sustainable environment. It is your responsibility to take action, to find solutions, and they are there if you have the courage to turn and say that enough is enough, that now is the time to put the foot down and tell the world that we need to change, we need to change ourselves in our behaviour towards nature, towards ourselves, towards our children, towards the next generations.

Have the courage, because in that courage you will find the blessing from the world beyond, because we see that the children that are coming after you will suffer from your exploitation, from your energy overexposure to the earth plane. World climate change is there for you to rectify, for you to mitigate. Raise your voice and let your opinion be heard so your political leaders will understand that now is the time for bringing a new direction into life for climate change.

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