51. Human Rights

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It is with deep respect I speak to you from the world beyond, deep respect for every individual, because we are all children of God, we are of the same Father, we are of the same spirit, we are made out of the same love, the same power that has created all. Everyone is a human being with the same rights, with the same rights for liberty, for freedom, for an individual life where all are treated with respect, with equality, with a shield of protection from the global society, where you can have a secure life, where your basic needs are fulfilled, the necessities for a dignified life, where meals are provided, where a comfortable place and livelihood for one’s own life and family can prosper, grow and fulfil itself for your mission on the earth plane.

God made you all in his picture, he gave you Mother Earth, he gave you your planet for you to have the necessities of life, for you to have water to drink, for you to work for your food on the table. He gave you nutrition from the sun so your soil could give the right conditions for the plants, for the vegetables, for the flowers, the trees; the beauties of nature. He gave you the ocean to find the varieties of his creation for your nutrition, for your wellbeing. The misery, the inhumanity, that you see on the earth plane, are humanmade. They do not reflect the creation that you have been given, that you are part of, that you walk your feet on, that you can harvest from, that you can be in harmony with so you can have a joyful and happy life.

You are here, my friend, to raise yourself spiritually, so you can find the wisdom of God, so you can take part in sustaining your earth plane, to sustain the creation that was made out of love, out of the power of the universe, out of a peaceful and loving mind.

All children, whether they are men or women, have equal rights, have the same power within themselves, the same spirit, they are both of the same Creator and he does not give any one of them superiority over the other for rights, for a dignified and decent life. Everyone should respect each other. Abuse and violence are humanmade, and it is there for you to conquer, for you to raise yourself above, so you can fill yourself with the power that you have from your Father, that he gave you at birth as a little seed for you to nourish, for you to create into something beautiful within yourself, the heaven that you will meet on this side of life, that is your mind, that is your consciousness, that is your subconscious it is your whole being, it is your self.

Democracy is where freedom, where accountability of the people prevails when they give a mandate to their political leaders so they can fulfil the rights of every individual, so he or she can promote freedom and a dignified life for every child on the earth plane. Democracy is the way to equality, because inequality is of the dictatorial society, and in inequality you find poverty, you find inhumanity, you find the gap between the rich and the poor, where some have abundance of wealth and some live in slums, even though they are of the same importance, of the same creation, of the same Father, of the same spirit, of the same elements that have built the universe. People do not know themselves, do not have the knowledge and the truth that there is an eternal life and that it can be proved when you walk the Bridge of Love. This wisdom is unknown to most people in your world and it is there for you to find in life, it is there for you to bring in front of your mission in life, to make a better world for everyone, to create a peaceful world where the children of God, all of you, can have the same rights, the same dignified life, where you can find the virtue of yourself, where you can find your true self.

On the Bridge of Love, you can meet departed souls that once walked upon the earth plane. You can meet them in love, because the hands of God build the Bridge of Love. It is built by the power of the universe; it is built by the power of love. When you have this knowledge, when the world has this wisdom of life, it will change your world, because then people will understand that they are one big family, that they can never die and that what they do to other human beings, they do to themselves, because they are of the same creation, they are of the same Father, they are of the same unity.

Human rights should be obvious, it should be obvious that every child of this earth should respect each other, should hug each other and give each other love, because you are all brothers and sisters, you are all children of God. It should be obvious, but it is unfortunately not.

Some people have found the truth of life; they have developed and evolved in the right direction towards their Father. Some are undeveloped, have not received and do not comprehend the wisdom of life. These people you should help; these people you should guide and give the wisdom. You must give care to the people that are misfortunate, that need to be shown the way of a decent life. Inequality in your society is there for you to change into equality, because that is the path towards the wisdom of God, that is the path that will bring your world into a peaceful and loving world, equality where care and love is given, where all the children of God are given the same opportunities of freedom and choice, where they are given the right conditions for a sustainable life, where they all can grow and develop themselves in such a manner that they can contribute to a better world, to a better place for everyone, to the world of love that your Father created for you to enjoy, for you to find peace of mind, for you to be happy in his kingdom on earth.

Always keep human rights in your mind when you solve conflicts in your world. Everyone has the right to have a dignified and decent life, everyone has the right to security, everyone has the right to protection, everyone has the right to a sustainable life where food, school and health are prerequisites, where everyone on the earth plane, every one of you, are given the same opportunities in life.

Erase inequality; promote equality among all, among the children of God. That will bring you towards the consciousness of your Father, the consciousness of love, love for all, because he made you equal. It is your mission to provide equality, to prolong, to sustain, this quality of life that was given to you by your Father at the very beginning.

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