50. Politics and Governance


What a lovely day. You sit watching the sun, the blue ocean, the green colours in nature, the flowers of such wonderful colours, of such wonderful shapes and you find peace and tranquillity within yourself. My friend, you sit in a park in a peaceful country, having the opportunity to be close to sea and close to such wonderful beauties that you can experience when you find yourself in such a calm place on earth. You brought with you something to eat and something to drink, so you could enjoy yourself and feed your physical body, so you could feel the comfort and be in oneness with nature, with the beautiful view that you have at this very spot over the ocean, over the flowers, over the green forest, over the green colours of nature. You, my friend, are fortunate to have such a paradise that you can find yourself within at peace. It is not difficult to let your thoughts wander and appreciate the creation of your Father in such an instant of thought where you can have full harmony, where you for a moment can feel heaven on earth, where there is love and peace among the people, among the people that you are close to you, that you feel the love from, that you, in your thoughts, give your loving thoughts. My friend, it is far from the situation of many people in your world that strive every day, that try to find something to eat in their slum areas, where they pick up from the garbage that the rich and the wealthy leave behind them. This is the reality of your world and that is why you have to know that your world does not have the political and the right good governance. There are many countries in lack of democracy, of freedom, of human rights, where there is misery and suffering among people, because the political system of democracy is absent, where the voice of the people is not heard, where people that are poor are abused in such a terrible manner that you would cry if you were in their place, if you for a moment replaced your seat in the park with the poor people of the world.

It is of vital importance in your world to have countries, to have political systems and governance that are of freedom, of democracy, where the people elect their leaders, so the people can be accountable for their own wellbeing, for the growth of their country. It is of vital importance to have rules of law that control a country’s political leadership’s behaviour towards its population, rules of law that are given by legislation, that are elected by its people, so they can be transparent in their behaviour towards all its citizens.

When you watch countries that have a dictatorial leadership, where poverty flourishes, where cruelty and violence are on the daily agenda, these countries do not have good governance and do not have good political leadership. They do not know themselves, they do not know the truth of life that you are here on earth to raise yourself, to give a helping hand, to bring equity, equality, freedom, wellbeing for all, for sustainable growth, for people to find their way out of poverty, out of its privation.

In your world there is a lack of the wisdom of God. You do not know that you are all children of the same Creator, that you are spirits of the Almighty Father, that you were given the opportunity to come to this earth plane to heal your world, to bring comfort to the children that are suffering, to aid countries that are in need. Know that you are eternal beings, that you are here to find your true self, so you can bring the wisdom, the knowledge of the world beyond, to the people of the earth, so they can have this basic understanding of themselves, that they cannot die, that they are here for a purpose, that all of you have a mission, and that mission is foremost to bring love to your brothers and sisters, to raise your world, to heal your world, to find its spirituality where you have care for each other, where you have love for each other, where peace is a natural part of your life.

People of the earth are here to bring the right conditions for everyone so the rich people, the wealthy countries, bring forth their wealth to the poor people, the poor nations, so they can find their true place on this earth, so that suffering and despair can be eradicated, where you with your hands can help the misfortunate, so you can bring equality to the world, because inequality does not create the right conditions for growth, for economic development, for eliminating poverty, violence, crime and cruelty. Equality brings health to all, a healthy life; it brings social progress in your world.

You that are fortunate, you that are living in countries that have climbed the ladder, that have a society where rules of law are adhered to, where people accept their political leadership, where the people have taken part in the election of their leadership, where you are accountable for your own choices in life, those countries that are of such growth, of such spirituality, must share their wealth, their development with the less fortunate. Because if not, you bring forward a selfish behaviour, a selfish desire, that does not comply with the rule of equality, equality for all, that does not comply with love, love for all, love for the children of your Creator. You are all one big family, you are here to share the resources with each other, so you all can contribute to a peaceful world, a world without suffering, a world without poverty, a world where people can find happiness, can find a loving atmosphere. What I am saying to you, my friend, from the world beyond, is the law of the Creation. You yourself were made out of love, your planet was made out of love, and the universe is made out of the same power, the power of love. Your Creator is love, and he has given you this Planet Earth with all its revelations for you to find the truth of life, for you to bring forward his love, his love for you all. He does not differentiate between any of his children. He gives the sunlight to all of you; he has given the Planet Earth to all of you. It is humanmade; it is human error when you differentiate between people, when you create the gap between the rich and the poor, when you provide inequality into your world.

Remember this, my friend: you are accountable for your misbehaviour, for your selfishness. You are accountable to yourself, because what you do to your brothers and sisters on earth, you do to yourself because you are all one. You are of the same creation, you are of the same Father, and you are of the same big family.

Good governance is reflected in good political leadership, where political leaders are elected based on democratic rules, through the free will of the people. Freedom and choice is for the people to shape their future, and you that sit in political institutions that govern the will of the people are there to raise your country to bring growth and wellbeing for all. You are there to listen to your people; the poor and the rich, so they all can have your regard for their will, because you know that when you lift people out of suffering, out of poverty, you create a better world, you create a better country, you create better conditions for the children, for all the people in your nation, in your world.

Remind yourself about the truth of life that there is no death, that the physical body that you leave behind is there only as a vehicle for your spirit to bring the creation of your Father into its place, into harmony with God, with the word that he gave to you all at the very beginning, the word of love, love for all.

When you see the suffering of your world, when you see the wars and the conflicts, you see the misbehaviour of the political leadership; you see that people are killed when they raise their voices for liberty, for freedom. When solving conflicts you should use the power of love, you should use the power of peace in your effort to solve conflicts, to bring comfort, to bring people out of their misery, out of their suffering. Patience, love, kindness, friendliness, logic and wisdom must prevail so you do not harm people that are innocent in conflicts, that do try to live a decent life, that do not want to be part of any conflict. It is your responsibility to protect, to give of yourself. War does not solve conflicts; war only opens the door to misfortune, to misery, to bleeding wounds. Bring love and peace, bring your wisdom, bring your kindness into conflicts, and you will see that with patience you will revive, you will exemplify the behaviour of the righteous, behaviour of the good nature of people. Peaceful conflict resolution is the only way to find peace among nations, to find peace among you all. Let your politics and governance reflect this behaviour of good nature so you can set an example for others to follow, an example where love and peace are foremost for the people of today and the future.

For the next generations of children, be a statute of peace and love, be an example for them to be proud of, so you one day in the world beyond can watch your world and reflect on yourself, on your decisions in life, and see that you made the right choice, that you made the right decisions in your life. God bless your work for peace, love and growth for all.

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